Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Jelly Fish

We were at the beach a couple of days ago. My husband is usually not around in Marina with us.
Anyway, I usually say Bism Illah al-Lathy la yadouro ma3a ismihi shay2oun fel ard wala fel sama2 wahowa al samee3o al3aleem before going into the water (Just incase any of u wonder, i wear an Islamic suite, although not very convinced there is such a thing, but I am obliged for Omar's sake since my husband is almost never around).
I always loved the sea, never feared it, but since I had Omar, I always feel it is better to say this duaa before I go in.

Anyway, after Omar had all his fun we went out of the water and he was playig in the sand. I was just staring at the water when all of a sudden I see a purple Jelly fish at least 70 cms of diameter. I said Al hamd lillah that we were out of the water and that no harm was done.
However, there was a man standing quite close to the Jelly fish with his son. I expected him to get his son and himself out of the water, but he was just stading there, about a meter or less away from the Jelly fish. He was just staring and staring. I wondered to myself, isn’t he worried that he might provoke it and end up with a nasty sting? Isn’t he worried his son might get hurt?
His son walked out of the water, yet he was trying to get closer to the jelly fish. To my surprise his son walked into the water again, but with a stick in his hand. He passed it on to his father. Then the father started poking the jelly fish! I was just shocked, what on earth does he think he is doing? And what is his son still doing in the water. I asked myself why? Really why is he poking the creature?

Anyway, the father said something to his son, and the next thing was his son walked out of the water again. In my mind I said, good. But the man was just following the jelly fish from a little distance. Again, the kid came back but this time with an umbrella stick! Ya ALLAH, I said to myself, why don’t they just get out of the water and let the fish swim away. I watched anxiously. The man kept trying to push the jelly fish to shore. I was just asking myself over and over again, WHY???

He kept making attempts and he was getting closer and closer to the beach, till they got it out of the water and one of the beach boys came and carried it from the top and threw it on the sand. I found myself pittying the poor creature. Next thing was some kids and grown ups gathering around it. One poking it and another throwing sand on it, and it continued for a while.

I felt angry at the people and sorrowful for the Jelly fish.

The way I see it is the sea is the natural place for any fish to be. We are allowed to only catch fish to eat, not to kill and throw them away for absolutely no reason! They have a right to live just as we do, especially the non edible creaturs of the sea or any other evironment!

Can any one please tell me, am I weird for thinking so? I feel that we should just live and let others live peacefully.. all creatures that is. Apart from the ones we need to eat and all.. I mean not killing for pleasure or sport.. or for just the fun of it!
Why can we not stop tampering with nature in such a negative manner?


Blogger doshar said...

it does make me angry. and you are not wierd.

a few days ago i was in the club with my nephew and a friend and her son. and her son was killing some ants with his feet. and would say "it wouldn't die, why?"
the mother, my friend was just 3ady, no problem. and i told the kid; why are you killing the ants? they are in their home here and they are not bothering you.we can kill ants if they harm us but if they don't why? don't you know it will feel pain when you crush it?

my friend looked up as if to say " i never looked at it like that before" and she told her son not to kill any ants anymore"
i think this problem occurs because of lack of empathy for living creatures. it is the same cruelty and lack of empathy that can make people turture other humans and laugh without mercy while if they are in the other's position they couldn't imagine to bear it.

empathy and mercy. we need more of it in this world.

2:23 AM, July 05, 2005  
Anonymous Alaa said...

sorry for being shallow and going off topic but I have to ask

how many jelly fish where out there?

I'm planning to go to the north coast soon but I don't want to go if I'll be swimming with jelly fish around me.

4:01 AM, July 05, 2005  
Blogger shop girl said...

Hey Dalulla, Good 2 know ur back :)
I agree with u, i never understood why people kill living creatures for know reason like that, and the sad thing is that some enjoy it :s
they r the weirdos not u definately!
By the way i like ur blog's new look, keda a7la

2:24 PM, July 05, 2005  
Blogger shop girl said...

gat menen know reason dy? it's no reason..hehehe

2:25 PM, July 05, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are absolutely fine. You shouldn't worry about people who are mean to creatures. One day the Jelly fish will sting this guy's butt and he will be sore for a while :)

Isn't it amazing that we have to pray when we have little ones? we develop fear because we are no longer one.

Gal from USA

11:51 PM, July 05, 2005  
Blogger Sowhat said...

ppl became so aggresive nowadays .. they kill animals for fun , theyget angry for simple thign .. iut is the stress all around us and loss of faith ..

thanks for the topic , so insightfull and may allah protect Omar :)

3:30 PM, July 06, 2005  
Blogger Dalulla said...

All of you are wonderful.. I am so glad to know i am not the only one who thinks of these things.. even if we are not many, but at least some of us are aware of this aspect. God created each creature for a reason. Besides we should not kill except if we are in real danger, other than that.. no no no.. besides, who creates the danger? I believe sometimes it is our own attitudes.. getting to close to an animal or fish we know can be harmful is not a good idea.
Animals do not harm us for the fun of it..it is just their own way of defending themselves. We are created with a more complex mind.. the highest amongst other creations and therefore we should use it!
Animals really do not hurt humans unless they feel they themselves r threatened, so we might as well just try not to be where we shouldn't be.

Where the sea is concerned, swimming is good, but we just need to be careful and not hurt the fish (whatever kind), rather just be cautious and walk out if there is something we might feel is of danger.

4:54 PM, July 11, 2005  
Blogger Dalulla said...

I guess u would know Marina, we are blessed with a couple of .. hmm what do u call them, masadat..or lessan and i belive they kinda control the tide to a great extent. there are no more jelly fish around, there were only a couple when i wrote this post.. Up to my knowledge, no more now.. I hope u have a great time insha'Allah. sorry for replying so late, but i only log in from an internet cafe when i can.. I hope u get to see this before u go!

4:58 PM, July 11, 2005  
Blogger Dalulla said...

I can't help but relate almost every thing in my life to religion. Prophet Muhammed told us that we must be compassionate with animals. Some people treat animals in general with negligence and insignificance.. THEY TOO ARE LIVING SOULS! All of us must try to work on our hearts, to have more compassion with all living beings, let alone between us!

Shop girl,
I reading new posts 3andek.. yala wite some of your heart warming stuff, i miss it!

It just makes me sad to see people react the way they do.. I can't help it. I wouldn't like for anyone to get stung by a jelly fish or anything else wallahi, but WHY????!!! Why do some people just hurt hurt hurt?? I just do not get it!
Some people pray even before kids, but i do agree with u, it does increase so much after we have them. They are such a blessing from God!

Loss or drifting from faith is just it. If all of us turn back to what Islam has taught us especially where mo3amalat are concerned, i am definite sure this world will be a wonderful place. Well lets start with ourselves, and try to encourage one another.

Thank you so much for your prayer for Omar! I pray Allah accepts insha'a. I am sure He is comassionate and always answers us in the way He knows best for us.

5:37 PM, July 11, 2005  
Blogger Dalulla said...

Shop girl,
I missed out a word... I meant I miss reading new posts 3andek.. yala write some of your heart warming stuff, i miss it!

6:46 PM, July 11, 2005  
Blogger free soul said...

yes you are weired for thinking so, that is becuase thinking of piece or good is weired these days

I remember once while I was talking to a friend he told me you are of the piece lovers, and you will end up dead alone!!

I didn't like what he said until I started to express my ideas on the public, then I started to understand that tons of old ideas faces all piece or good ideas, the most important problem is that people are no way ready to accept others opinions

but I made my mind to fight my way to prove I am right and I will not lose hope, I made my mind not to keep silent anymore, so don't lose hope becuse there is always hope, and as a friend of mine used to tell me in the worst times, "it is never too late"


11:13 PM, July 16, 2005  
Blogger Dalulla said...

Free soul..
I would never loose hope as long as Allah chooses to keep me on this earth! And i am glad u r not loosing hope either.. There is hope.. THERE IS ALLAH!

We should not wait for much appreciation from others as long as we know that there is a Just and Kind God that we worship and Insha'Allah He will be our rewarder, not people.. We need to spread "good" We need to spread every thing and anything that is positive amongst one another.. We must all try to have good hearts.. no more should we only think of ourselves, but of everything and every one around us in a good sense, regardless if we are appreciated or not. We do it for gaining Allah's blessings and reward insha'Allah.
Glad to have you here!

3:34 AM, July 18, 2005  
Blogger Dalulla said...

I would like to add, I know sometimes not being appreciated can be frustrating, but that is alright.. We just should not stop being optimistic.

3:36 AM, July 18, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i do think its wrong for the poor jelly fish. you are all greal and wonderful people with the kindess of hearts. Well NEVER give up...asi es lavida.

9:18 AM, August 06, 2005  

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