Thursday, February 28, 2008

In connection to latest silly attempt to bother us Moslems by re publishing useless and worthless cartoons about Prophet Mohammed, I would just like to say this:
· WE Love him no matter what those or others say

· WE follow him because we believe in him and will continue to do so.

· WE now love him more and more with every single wrong doing the others try to commit against him and our love will continue to grow, not only that, but Islam will also keep growing and that is a FACT, mind me!

· Those who mock him and say this is their right to free speech.. well alright then, if free speech means to be vile, then so be it, enjoy your so called “VILE “ freedom of speech.
Strange it is how those people people claim to be civilized!! Does being civilized mean to be so offensive?

Finally, To us, Prophet Mohammad means A LOT. His body may be dead, but he continues to live within each Moslem. He is like the river, flowing to shed beauty and life within our hearts. He is our mentor after Allah and by Allah’s guidance. We love him because Allah loves him as all other prophets. Nothing will shake our love for him.

Allahoma Saly wa salem 3ala khatam al anbya2, Mohammad Ibn Abd-Illah wa salem - May Allah pray and grant peace to the final Prophet, Prophet Mohammad.


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