Thursday, May 22, 2008

I feel blessed.. Thanks to Allah

I really consider myself to be blessed… I am almost thrity four now.. but feels like a hundred and some years have passed from my life.. Wow! I feel blessed for living those years, with all the good and all the bad. Bad? Hmm, well now no matter how ugly and hurtful it may seem at the heat of the moment, to me “bad” must mean something good to follow. And believe me I have encountered so many difficult and heartbreaking moments in my life mostly caused by people you cannot imagine how close, and of course not to mention sometimes from people who barely even knew me, but were for some reason unreasonably judgmental without even getting to understand why things were the way they were with me. On the other hand, there was always a balance. I believe it was caused by divine justice. This lead that some people I also barely knew supported me in the most peculiar manner…One door would shut and the minute I asked Allah for help a couple were opened wide!

NOW that was what I can easily say about: The Lord works in “mysterious” ways… Ways that have supported me, and all I did was ask and sometimes even without asking. Sometimes injustice befell me, I would cry in silence and deep sorrow and before I knew it, good things would follow. I always believed in my heart in goodness. Goodness just for the sake of goodness, not doing good to get something in return except for a gesture of appreciation and recognition, for example a smile or a simple thank you. Even if the thank you wasn’t rendered then it is fine as long as something good you rendered made a difference. This in my opinion is the greatest thank you that one can get.

Thank God I have a feeling of full satisfaction with everything in my life. I am not rich money wise, but I feel I own the world. I (thank God) have two children but I feel all the world’s children are my own. I do not have a big home in an area where I’d like to be or at least like the one I lived in before I got married, but I feel I have the most beautiful home ever (and very thankful for what I have because unlike others “I HAVE SOMETHING”). I have a man who is not perfect (and who is anyway and that includes me), but I am eternally thankful to Allah for granting him to me. To me he has become the best man there is with all his pros and cons. I can’t imagine anyone else in his place and I love him soo sooo much! He is my angel.. He is the father of my lovely (God Bless) boys.

Change and “development” occur whether we like it or not, but they have to come from within with a conviction that this life is a journey for learning and developing from what we encounter as we walk in the road of life…That is the soul meaning of life, change and development to the better. We must all realize that no one is perfect, but there are ground rules in a human that must be there for one to know that there will be good to come.

I am totally convinced that the “true” Love of God is the secret to being “truly happy”. It brings patience, it brings acceptance to whatever you may encounter throughout this bumpy road of life, it brings peace, it brings blessings to everything imaginable and unimaginable, and finally it leads to happiness and LOVE. The truest love is derived from the love and obedience of Allah.

Oh how I Love Allah, but I am sure not as He loves me (and you).. No matter what we offer it will never suffice for the blessings He bestows on us!

That is particularly the reason why we need not stop at anything. By pleasing Him, we please ourselves! Maybe some people do not yet fully understand that , but I swear that is how it is. That is “the only” way to reach peace of heart and mind no matter what comes our way during this life time and later on in the one to come.

Sometimes in the midst of my most difficult times all of a sudden at some point I find myself saying, It’ll definitely pass and I know that if God put me to it all I need to do is feel confident that I just have to play by the rules and it’ll pass.
This has been happening to me for the past few years. It is the technique of learning to accept whatever comes your way believing that if and when you stick to patience and seeking God’s help everything will pass smoothly. I never said that every thing will go our way, because sometimes what we want is not what is good for us only we do not realize it on the spot. But from previouse experiences I realized that when Allah explained to us to not regret not having something because it may have not had good in it, It is very correct.. It simply is not destined for you, again, for the better good. So many things I wanted, did not have, and now I understood why…

When I look back I immediately thank Allah for preventing me from so many things. I was sometimes given harsh lessons, only to make me softer with others. I have been taught not to be judgmental, to be generous (specially on the human level of emotions) as best as I can, to be kind, tolerant, not to feel offended at just anything, to love all creation, not to hold a grudge for those who hurt me (as best as I can), to hear from both sides when there is a problem, to be patient and to always say the truth regardless of the consequences, to know that when we are put in difficult situations sometimes, that does not mean that Allah is punishing us, rather he is testing us, so always reach out to Him (If he put you to it, He’ll guide you through it) … oh so many things all related to human relations.. things that will lead to good and strong human ties and thereby a better place to live in.

Finally I would just like to say, there is no reason for hatred or envy, we need to start really learning to Love Allah and understand what He taught us because if we really do, this world will become a lovely place to live in. We need to work really hard to set aside our differences and work towards compromises or letting go of things that would cause feuds amongst us.

Finally I just wanted to say, I wish for all of you what I wish for myself that is; happiness, security, peace of heart and mind, love everything… But bare in mind something, my wishes never include wealth in terms of money, not that I would not mind, but for me there are more important things than wealth and power. To me the utmost power is self control and love. Those are the world to me :-)


Blogger Eman M said...

Being thankful to Allah is a bless in its own :)

11:06 AM, June 29, 2008  
Blogger Dalulla said...

being thankful to Allah and being really convinced of the due thanks is not an easy task that makes your comment a very valid one since you said the "being" in itself is a state one goes into willingly through both mind and heart. It is one of the battles that we humans go through.. Something bad may happen to someone and they may be thankful and may not be... so it is really a blessing to be able to be granted by Allah the feeling of acceptance to what we go through no matter what even if it is bad. Or at least for starters being patient, then accepting, then thankful.. It is all a matter of stages we go through.. Thank you ALlah for showing me the way... Thank you Eman M for your insightful comment!

12:14 PM, June 30, 2008  
Anonymous العاب فلاش said...

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11:00 AM, November 13, 2012  

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