Sunday, January 01, 2006

January 1st

Like today, three years back, this time, 3:02 past midnight, I still had Omar inside of me!

I was having trouble sleeping, excitement, fear, and many more feelings but most of all faith in God.

I was scheduled to deliver by c-section on the first of January, actually I was given a choice between the first and second, but I settled for the first day of the year, of the first day of each new year (ya rab ye7yeeny for some more isa – I pray God grants me some more years).

Omar was delivered at 11:10 in the morning on a Wednesday, year 2003. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day.

The years have passed. I don't know what to say. I don't know whether they went by quickly or not. It is odd. I just cannot tell!

I pray my son is blessed by God, to be:
a good Moslem,
to be blessed with good health and a sound mind
to be kind
to be loving
to be grateful (in all senses first to ALLAH and to anyone who may do the least for him)
to be generous even if it means having a 5 pound bill in his pocket but being able to give it to some one in more need
to be a regular in the mosque
to be of good influence on those around him
to never look down on sinners, but rather give them a hand
to be in Love with Allah and His prophet, thereby to all mankind
not to hold grudges
to remember any wrong doings done to him (God Forbid) but to be able to be forgiving)
to be firm yet tender

so much more, really I could keep going on and on. I am greedy in duaa (supplication) where Omar is concerned. I had begun the duaa for my unknown son the minute we decided to have a child!

If I want to live, I want to live to deliver a good man to the Islamic Umma and to the rest of the world.

God grant me what it takes to deliver a man You and Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly wa Salem 3aleih) would look onto and be proud of. A Proper Moslem who will hopefully be part of bringing peace and love to this earth, a Moslem who would be able to tell those who are not Moslems what Islam truly is and calls for. A Moslem who would have a good impact on the Moslems who are weak in faith. A man who will really have a positive and deep impact on this world!

Kol 3am wa2anta ila Allaha Akrab ya Omar! I pray each year to come brings you closer to Allah Omar!

Ameen Ameen Ameen.


Blogger Twosret said...

Happy New Year and hopefully 2006 will bring us all health, peace, Justice and kindness to the peoples of the world.

4:44 AM, January 01, 2006  
Blogger Eman M said...


11:05 PM, January 01, 2006  
Blogger Dalulla said...

Woman!!! where in God's name have u been? or is it me? I know i have not been around often lately but I really really miss u.

Merry Christmas, belated i know, and happy new year! Amen for all ur hopes my dear!

eman m,
:-) to u too my dear. Kol 3am wa2anti ila Allahi akrab

12:50 AM, January 02, 2006  
Blogger Jane said...

Happy Birthday Omar! Happy Birth-Day to you too, for without you Omar would not have life! Just like you Dalulla, each year on my children's birthdays' I remember how they were still inside of me. How the kicks felt, how huge and uncomfortable like a cow I felt. The days that they were born were the most painful (I had natural births) days of my life but also the best because those painful days gave me the best gifts I could have ever asked for. I'm sure your son will grow up to be a good man.

4:33 AM, January 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's extremely warm...I love it...may God grant you both "and all your loved" ones health and happiness...

8:56 AM, January 02, 2006  
Blogger Charismatic Soul said...


I pray god that Omar turns out just that and more, Amen.

Rabena yebareklik fi.

10:34 AM, January 02, 2006  
Blogger Dalulla said...

Thank you my dear sweet Jane. It is nice to feel i found some people who are deep as i. I Always take every thing in life way too serious. I like deep, I hate surerficial. It is beatiful being a mother and it is more beautiful watching those kids grow up and it is also great the memories we have that can sometimes be almost repeating themselves again. It is all just a blessing! Thank you for knowing how i feel, it makes me happy that u also feel the same about your children. I do pray God does guide and protect him to be a good man.

Thank you and the same to you my dear.

Thank you. O2balek insha'Allah. Ya rab yerzo2ek enty we your hubby to be el zoreya al sali7a.

7:47 PM, January 02, 2006  

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