Sunday, July 30, 2006

Gifts from israeli children to the Lebanese...

For those who say that war on Lebanon is justified, for Bush who said: Hizb Allah kidnapped two israeli soldiers and that justifies war, for the arab leaders who are never men of honor, but men of disgrace... Please visit the site end of the page and tell me if anything humanly possible justifies this war...

And what is their excuse??? Two israeli soldiers.... Two israeli soldiers verses a whole country's blood worth... Innocent children, women and men.. Unarmed... It is justified to use banned weapons.. It is justified to slaughter people aimlessly... They are not even targetting Hizb Allah, they are unable to despite all their armaments and radars?

Well for those who haven't seen or know, for those who say that the American Government is innocent of this war, please visit this site, but beware, the images are gruisome and bloody. But I encourage you all especially the none arabs visiting this blog to take a glimpse at what the American weapons are being used for, at who the israelis are for real... What can I say, the picture herein speaks a thousand words.. This the gift from children of israel to children and people of Lebanon... How can anyoe encourage their children to sign on a weapon used to destroy and kill? What kind of hearts are these? Pure evil... I look at these two girls and I see nothing but evil. BUT they are not naturally evil.. no they sure are not, it is the upbringing of their parents and their grandparents before them...

Children are suposed to always be a symbol of innocence and peace.. not this at all. At least not in this case ... Not justified, not right...

Strange? Yes. But Happening Anyway

I would like find a word to describe the Arab leaders but it will not be confined to one word or one description, but many and all ugly. I guess that sums it up. Their opinions are not those of the people of their countries, not the feelings, not what the majority of the people want. I personally cannot blame anyone more than our own leaders for what is happening in the middle east, I cannot blame except for those amongst us who sold their origins and Religion and adopted what is not theirs.. They are the ones to blame first hand. They permitted others to step over us.

What we all want now is to go stand up for tyranny. Israel and those backing it up will not stand a chance in front of the anger and hatred that is spilling out of each individual in this nation. The anger and hatred are seeds they planted and continuously plant and nourish so well!
So much hate and anger have been building up amongst the Arabs against the israelis and the American Government Foreign Policies. These feelings have not come out of the blue. By logic, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. How could we not hate them? Nothing personal against any citizen who is against bloodshed of innocent civilians, but it is the governments’ policies and those who accept them whom I really wonder about, those who are for war and bloodshed…

The American Government has always been Israel’s back up, it is no secret. Hatred and anger do not arise out of the blue. It is common sense. It is about time the American people and others understand that. It is about time to use some common sense. When someone defends themselves with the most minimal resources possible they are described as being terrorists! I just do not understand how. How many children from the Israeli side have been slaughtered versus the ones from the Arab side?

Today, July 30th about 30 children have been dragged out from under the ruble of one mere building! And the excuse was Hizb Allah were launching missiles from that area! If so, where are the men from Hizb Allah that were targeted and supposedly died? Where are the missiles or the remnants of ammunition or artilary they were using? Not a single man from Hizb Allah was in the area, no one but children, women and elderly people were found dead in that single building. Thank God they were all sleeping. Now they are all between the kind hands of God, away from tyranny and injustice. May they all rest in peace.

Our unworthy and disappointing leaders are dragging us to God knows where. They managed to divide us well. They managed to dismantle what was once long ago unshakable unity; they sold our dignity for their personal gain. I know that if the Arabs unite no one and I mean no one shall be able to stand in our way. We want nothing but to be left alone. We are all sick and tired of unwanted intervention in our matters. Our leaders are faithless. If they had strong faith they would never fear anyone and would know that victory shall with no discussion be ours, but what can I say.
For years they have led to degradation of the Arabs and Moslems and are continuing to do so. Those amongst the Moslems who are aware of the gradual signs leading to the day of Judgment would know that this was unfortunately coming.

Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly wa salem 3aleih) informed us that there shall come a time when those who lead the Moslems shall not be worthy of their positions. Those who have abandoned the true ethics of Islam and have adopted new attitudes that do not belong to them, those who have abandoned their origins of faith and roots shall lead all of us to what is happening now and will happen later.

However, knowing something is an issue and witnessing it is totally a different issue. It is very painful, sad and disappointing. It is sad to know we have so much power but just because some people’s (namely our leaders and many key persons of our societies) faith has weakened, this is what we, the people of the Arab countries have come to…

Kam min fi2atin kaleela ghalabat fi2atin katheera beithn Ellah… roughly meaning that a small number may triumph over a large number with God’s permission… and also “in tansoro Allah yansorkom” also roughly meaning that when we obey Allah and follow his commandments He will always support us and guide us to victory. Now if we all look at our nation and what it has come to, faith wise, we will realize that many sectors of our community fear people rather than fearing God… We need to reconsider too many issues and we need to have more unity and faith… But it seems that after all there is one man in our nation that is sticking to those beliefs and acting accordingly. Hassan Nasr Allah is this man.

Nasr Allah is a man of Faith and so are his followers and supporters, he is respectable and he does not take orders from anyone. He fears no one but Allah, the creator, rather than super powers amongst creation. What he has done was not wrong; israel’s reactions are as usual over reactions, in other words exaggerations and are as usual backed up by the United States government. However it is quite obvious that those two Israeli soldiers are NOT the reason why all this is happening. Rather, it is happening because it was going happen anyway.

How many Arabs are in the Israeli prisons, and since when? How were they taken? How many killed, from women, children, elderly, young and old men??? Israel does not even abide to any of the international sanctions or laws… How come and why? Same goes for the US … they too are not tied down with any sanctions and no one dares do anything about it. This is what I really do not understand. Why do countries of the world accept this discrimination in rules? Why are these two countries the only two that have more rights and privileges over others? Why can they do what ever and when ever and no one dares stand up from them? Why?

Israelis want to take over the Middle East, it is no secret, and with the United States’ approval and back up. We all know israelis openly believe and teach their young ones at school the following phrase, or in other words dream that they so much want to make come true: dawlet israel men el Nil lel Forat, meaning that the state of Israel is from the Nile till the Euphrates.

Those who say America is innocent of this war are either not properly informed or are not following up the day to day events and roles America is playing in this and many other issues concerning the Middle East. July 22nd, 2006 Condoliza Rice issued a statement that proves what all of us Arabs are accusing the israelis of and of what the US is backing up. She said, today we are seeing a new outline of a “New Middle East”. That is the plan they are executing. It is a statement frequently used now. Again not a secret or surprise for us. It has been obvious for many years. But as I mentioned before knowing is something and seeing it happen is something different. It makes me feel sick to see that our leaders are so pathetic. They dishonor us all.

Last but not least, I would like to add, God be with the Lebanese, and before them, the Iraqis and long before those the Palestinians, and many others world wide… GOD BE WITH US here in the Middle East.

As long as our leaders are standing silent watching this happen, our turn is sure to come.
As long as our leaders are always in conflict, our turn is sure to come.
As long as our leaders seem to be failing to realize some day they shall die like any mortal being and shall be judged by Allah, our turn is sure to come…

But I know for fact… This shall not last; Tyranny and bigotry shall end at some point. This I shall not discuss. Many of the things we have been informed of through the Quraan and Sunnah have taken place and are taking place now. That alone proves that what we have been informed is true and that those of us whose faith is strong are well informed of the stages this life shall go through.. Yes no details, but outlines and headings are clear and have for fact taken place and still are…

Al hamd Lillah that we have someone like Hassan Nasr Allah in our Ummah. I pray there would be more of him, only then will we be able to segregate ourselves from manipulation and unwanted intervention. Maybe then our dignity and respect shall come back to us… maybe then we shall really become united.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Baby is a......

Forgot to tell you all, that is if u are interested to know, I was informed I am carrying a baby boy!!! I am quite happy, I was hoping for one... Not that I do not like girls, I do, but i have many reasons for wanting a boy, maybe some other time though..
I would appreciate it if you suggested names, but please bear in mind; I like names resembling pple in Islamic History. Men who left positive marks. I named my son Omar taking Omar Ibn Al khattab as an example and praying and hoping my son would have his traits and other postive traits from The master of manners and ethics of course, Prophet Muhammed (Allahomma Salywa salem 3aleih).
Initially I had both Hamza and Bilal in mind. My son keeps repeating Hamza all the time when I bring the subject of names up. He actually interupts me and tells me Hamza ya Mamma, Hamza is the baby's name.. He likes the name which sometimes makes me feel i have to respect his will and name the new born Hamza as my Omar wants. I feel he really likes the name.
I love that name anyway. Omar is affecting me even though I was still between Hamza and Bilaal, and also open to suggestions. However, I do believe that i still cannot and will not make a decision till I see the baby insha’Allah. But having some options in mind still help (I think)

Tell me what u think

Out of proportion as usual

Well, well well!!! What a “not” surprise. Mr. Bush is using the veto in order not to condemn israeli attacks on Lebanon… This man does not cease to marvel me! nor do the israelis, and last but not least, sadly, nor do the Arab leaders cowardly behavior either!!!
Anything out of proportion will never shock me. It is just typical israeli attitude... We got used to their injustice and over reactions. We got used to their and their allies nonsense and injustice..
But God is just and fair... That is what counts at the end.

What is there to say to the insensible of this world?