Monday, October 31, 2005

It's all a matter of the State of MIND, HEART and SOUL

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Please do not forget Pakistan

Kashmiri earthquake survivor Abdurrashid Mugal from remote Rashian village, unseen, holds his two-year-old daughter Asma as they wait for her to receive treatment in the devastated city of Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, Saturday. (AP/Burhan Ozbilici)

A Pakistani child stands near a tent at a camp for people made homeless by the October 8 earthquake, in Batgram, in the North West Frontier Province. Saudi Arabia launched a major drive to gather millions of dollars in donations for the victims of the massive earthquake in Pakistan.(AFP/Tariq Mahmood)

Pakistani earthquake survivors have dinner in a tent in Balakot, Pakistan, Saturday Oct. 22, 2005. The U.N. has appealed for more aid for victims of South Asia's massive Oct 8 earthquake, warning of another wave of deaths if survivors don't get shelter and food before the Himalayan winter comes. (AP Photo/Tomas Munita)

Please do not forget Pakistan. Those people are desperate for any help whatsoever. They will need lots of support in the days to come. Only God knows for how much longer.

Their situation will require ongoing support till they stand on their feet again. We need to send away anything we can every now and then.

Jazakom Allaho khayran.. May God reward you all for everything and anything, even if it is just a prayer.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Survival with Faith makes life worth living. Without it, life itself is meaningless

Some people are put in very awkward situations… Predicaments I call them from which escape seems impossible. YET they thrive, they keep on trying and trying under the worst circumstances ever. Whilst others may simply become insane, or commit suicide!

We must give credit to people of Palestine. I cannot generalize and say they are flawless. Definitely some of them err. But I personally marvel at their persistence and tolerance.

A mother losses one child and sometimes maybe more to the merciless of the Israeli soldiers. Natural deaths are very difficult, but imagine loosing a child, a brother or sister or father or even a close friend at the hands of your enemy. And not only are they enemies, no, they are oppressors occupying a home land and moreover forcing their unjust, bizarre rules and bigotry over the Palestinians.

Today Amr Khaled, a Muslim preacher was talking about the Israa and Mi3raj of Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih). When Palestine and Al Aqsa mosque were brought up, the word RESPONSIBILITY was brought up in alignment with emphasis.

Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih) told us that when Gabriel the Arc Angel asked him to walk into Al Aqsa, he saw many men. Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih) asked who they were, Gabriel Answered they are the earlier prophets before you. A two Rak3a prayer was to take place. Imagine how important this meeting was and how important the location was and what it symbolized. It meant so much Amr Khaled emphasized. It meant so many things.

All the Prophets (3alihim Alsalam includeing Prophet Muhammed Allahoma Saly 3alih) awaited Gabriel to speak. He called to Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih) and asked him to lead the prayers. That symbolized the equality and none prejudice all the prophets had for one another and for Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih). Also what role Allah himself had decided for Prophet Muhammed and that was through what Gabriel had asked him in accordance to Allah's commands to do by leading the other Prophets in prayer. It symbolized not only honor to Prophet Muhammed but giving him responsibility for many things, and what a cumbersome duty it was for him.

I cannot write now as well as Amr Khaled did with his organization and order of events (I am also unfortunately very short in time). Kindly visit for translation in English for his daily episodes of Ramadan 2005 "On the Path of the Beloved (Prophet Muhammed Allahoma Saly 3aleih). I think the episode will be titled Laylat al israa wal Miraaj because I think it still hasn't been published but will be very soon.

For those who do not know what kind of man Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih) was, these episodes will tell you plenty about what kind of Prophet he was, instead of only hearing from the hateful side, at least give yourselves a chance to know the truth from our side. Or name it what you want, but at least you would have given the issue a fair chance to hear from both sides.

Not only was prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih) given responsibility for spreading Justice and order to this world according to Allah's commandments, but so are we. We are all responsible for spreading Justice and enjoining peace amongst us. We should never fear to say what pleases God in the face of the tyrants. Remember, man is Allah's Caliph on earth. All mankind are. And that is why everyone shall be asked about time spent here on earth. How it was used. It is not possible that God created man just to eat, drink and have sex. There is definitely something more to our creation than spending it over our earthly desires.

Amr Also brought up a story about Mashitat Phira3awn, A hair dresser who believed in Allah and in Prophet Moses (3alihi alsalam) message. This woman was a believer, whose four children were thrown into the fire before her very eyes and she still said Allah is my lord and yours until she and her last loved one were both thrown into the fire together, and there was a miracle to the story also (if interested read the whole event on A.khaled's site). She was given high rank by God in the seven skies.

Motherhood! My god how hard it is. I always try to imagine if I were put in a similar situation, what would I do? Or any other situation where I would have to say something that is not true just to save my neck from the enemy of God and mankind! I just had that imagination between prayers again today about Omar, and I practically cried and asked God to strengthen me should I be put in such a situation, although I truly cannot imagine what would happen to me, and that is precisely why I keep asking to be strong, just incase.

Just the thought hurts me so much and makes me cry and shed tears. Imagine a mother actually in the situation.. Seeing her kid be killed, or dragged by those inhumane barbaric Zionists who seem to think or actually believe that they are above all.


Should you (Zionists or anyone else for all God cares) think you are great, ALLAH IS GREATER. And boy is his justice going to hurt you. Hurt you at a time when no matter how much you cry for mercy, it shan't be granted. You shall be told, too late… too late. What happened to Mercy? What happened to equal and equitable justice amongst mankind? Really! Well God is just. I know He is. And I know he shall avenge the people who have been done wrong.

This world is just a small journey for all of us. What will truly count is the after life. I pray and beg forgiveness for my sins and for all believers and guidance for those astray. I love all mankind and wish every one truly wakes up. WE all have our weaknesses and faults, but there are major and minor sins. God is merciful indeed, but we should not misuse this forgiveness.

Never fear to say a word of integrity in the face of a tyrant. We shall all be asked what we did in such situations. Allah backs those who have mercy and compassion in their hearts. He blesses those who fear none but Him.

I tell myself this before any of you readers. I am full of faults. I am really trying.

Lets all pray for one another.

La illaha illa anta sub7anaka ina konna min al thalemeen. Faghfir lana war7amna ya Ra7eem.

Allah is one, glory be to him, we were amongst the wrong doers. Forgive us and have mercy on us for you are the Merciful.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pakistan Earthquake (includes relife contacts)

Al Hamdu Lillahi al lathy 3afana mima ibtala bihi katheeran min 3ebadihi wa fadalana 3ala katheeran min man khlaka tafdeela.

الحمد لله الذي عافانا مما ابتلى به كثيرا من عباده و فضلنا على كثيرا ممن خلق تفضيلا

Allahomma Ajerhoum, Allahoma 3afihoum, Allahoma Ir7amhoum war7amna be ra7matika wahdina ila al sirata al mostakeem. Allahoma ina thalmna anfosana, wa nathlem anfosna beda3fina, faghfir lana wa lil moe'meneen. Allahoma inaka kadir 3ala an tonhya al 7ayata 3ala wajih el ard wa ta2tya bekawmin to7ebhoum wa ye7ebounaka, walaken 3afiyataka wara7matuka wasi3at kol shay2. Ighfir lana wa ihdina, wa afikna min ghaflatina. Allahoma ina nashkou ilayaka da3fa noufesena, fa2a3ena 3alyha. Allahoma ajerna men da3fena, wa thalatina, wa nuqsani imanina, wa a3na 3ala 7osni 3badatika wa thikraka talama a7yaytana. Allahoma Ija3al akhira a3malina fiha reda wa kuboul. Allahoma la tometna ila wa2anta radin 3ana.

Allahoma la tometna ila wa2anta radin 3ana Allahoma la tometna ila wa2anta radin 3ana.. ameen ameen ameen.

اللهم أجرهم اللهم احفظهم اللهم ارحمهم وارحمنا برحمتك واهدنا الى الصراط المستقيم. اللهم انا ظلمنا انفسنا ونظلم انفسنا بضعفنا فاغفر لنا وللمؤمنين. اللهم انك قادر على أن تنهي الحياة على وجه الأرض وتأتي بقوم تحبهم ويحبونك ولكن عافيتك ورحمتك وسعت كل شيئ. إغفر لنا واهدنا وافقنا من غفلتنا. اللهم إنا نشكو إليك ضعف انفسنا فأعنا عليها. أللهم اجرنا من ضعفنا وذلاتنا ونقصان إيماننا و أعنا على حسن عبادتك وذكرك طالما أحييتنا. اللهم إجعل أخرأعمالنا فيها رضا وقبول.

اللهم لا تمتنا إلا و أنت راض عنا. اللهم لا تمتنا إلا و أنت راض عنا. اللهم لا تمتنا إلا و أنت راض عنا. أمين أمين أمين.

Oh Allah save them, protect and relieve them, Oh Allah have mercy on them and on us all with your mercy, guide us to the straight path. Oh Allah, we have done ourselves wrong and still do with our weaknesses, forgive us and the believers. Oh Allah you are capable of ending all life forms on earth and are capable of creating others that you shall love and they love you, but your mercy is bountiful. Forgive us and guide us, and wake us up from our negligence and stray. Oh Allah we seek your help from our souls' weaknesses, help us to overcome it, and our falls, and our weakness in faith, and help us to worship you and remember you always as long as we live. Oh Allah let our last deeds be in accordance to your acceptance. Oh Allah do not end our lives until you are pleased with us. Oh Allah do not end our lives until you are pleased with us. Oh Allah do not end our lives until you are pleased with us. Amen amen amen.

I personally cannot help but think, when will our turn come? Will it? Or is it just for us to wake up and realize how negligent we have become where the obedience and remembrance of Allah is concerned. Moslems have drifted so much from religion. We all have become so weak despite all what we have been told. What is sarcastic, is we have been told before hand of so many incidents and natural disasters that shall happen due to this negligence, and yet, we have not exerted the least effort to take what Allah and his prophet said seriously.

I once heard that one can change his destiny. We have been given choices in life. A road which will lead to Allah's anger and the other his blessings. In this case I mean knowing certain things and being given warnings, we have not tried to beware or work hard to avoid them. I guess we have just not taken it seriously enough. I do not know if this interpretation is true or not, but I kind of feel it is.

Maybe the reason God told Prophet Muhammed of these things was to test us, to see what we will make out of them. Will we try to avoid them? Or will we just take them for granted. Maybe it was out of the mercy of God that we were told, but maybe none of us properly understood the message. God repetitively referred to Himself as "the merciful" and that is what makes me say what I just did in the few lines above.

We have even been given supplications and prayers to use to protect ourselves from harm of others and for our own protection against weaknesses whether it be through Satan or the weak inner self. Question is, how many of us use them? Not to mention some people do not even know these supplications exist. Worst of all some do know but do not believe in them. Sub7an Allah. We humans are so fallible. I pray that we all do our best to be better people in the eyes of God.

Prophet Mohammed has told us of what is happening now, that it is one (amongst many) of the signs of the closeness of Judgment day. There are many signs, Major and Minor according to His teachings (Allahoma Saly wa salem 3elih), and many have already occurred and are still. I guess it is about time we start working hard.

I cannot help but always try to put myself in others situations. I cry. I sob. I feel heartache for all those people especially the children where ever the crises take place. Children Like my son, some younger, some same age, some older, men and women of all ages as well.

I have a heartache right now. I've been getting serious physical heart aches lately. So much has been happening!

I pray I personally be better. I know I am not good enough. Not ready enough for death. I get scared, I know God is kind, but that does not mean I or you get lazy and only count on that. I am trying but I know I should try harder, we all must try harder.

I am in so much pain right now. I thought I wanted to do something. The least was to post this.

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This site was aslo recommended by Roora a union called " Arab Medical Union " in Egypt who are also making efforts to help the victims of the earthquake.
A Muslim man cries as he offers special prayers for the earthquake victims at the Jama Masjid in Srinagar, India, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2005. Kashmir's highest Islamic leader Mirwaiz Omar Farooq Tuesday asked India and Pakistan not to play politics over the earthquake devastation and to launch a joint relief effort. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool)

A newborn child sleeps with her mother in a makeshift tent at a relief camp in Poonch, 250 Km (156 miles) north west of the northern Indian city of Jammu October 10, 2005. Villagers trekking down from parts of the Kashmir mountains that have not been visited since the weekend's earthquake say they have left behind scenes of death and desperation. The official death toll from the quake at 7.6 magnitude the biggest to hit the region in a century remained at 21,000 in Pakistan and slightly over 1,200 in India. Picture taken October 10, 2005. REUTERS/Amit Gupta

An injured Kashmiri child sits on his father's lap as they wait to be sent to a hospital by helicopter in Muzaffarabad, capital of Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, October 10, 2005. Rescuers dug through the night on Monday in the hope of finding more survivors of the Pakistan earthquake, after it killed more than 20,000 people and buried hundreds alive in rubble. REUTERS/Ahmad Masood

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

You tell me!

Tankers versus civilian "CHILDREN" Only those are no ordinary children, they are "Palestinian children".. hmm so someone tell me, does that make it alright.. Are they by any chance are cheap shots.. have no rights like all children in the world? Again, where is the UNICEF??? I wonder.
How about this? Interesting huh? Military against civilian, Palestinian civilian...

Woman standing aside unable to do anything but cry. Man beaten up by three armed men? Does this seem in any sense fair? What is this? Survival is for the fittest?
Three to one? and Three armed versus one unarmed?

Do Israeli children experience this? Where is the UNISEF??? I wonder!? What happened to Human rights? Or do human rights not apply to the Palestinians?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Confessions of a human bomb from Palestine by Hujayra al 'Arabi

(Your Voice in a World where Zionism, Steel, and Fire haveturned Justice Mute)
Dear Readers of the Free Arab Voice, We are proud to present to you a penetrating piece that goes into the personal and political makings of a human bomb. Hujayra al ‘Arabi portrays the role of a human bomb in the offing to deliver a simple, yet very eloquent, message.
She makes no apologies for the state of mind our people have been driven into. Rather, she seeks to drive the point home by avoiding the third person.
It’s is I, the human bomb herself, who speaks to you now… Thus began Hujayra.. The Free Arab Voice
To all our Martyrs, past, present and future:
Your Light cannot be extinguished

Confessions of a human bomb from Palestine
by Hujayra al 'Arabi
Dedicated to my brothers and sisters in Resistance in Iraq and in the Arab Nation

I do not want to die. I am not in love with death. I am not even 'half in love with easeful death' like the English poet. I want to live. I want to have a home filled with children, and I still want to be a doctor. From the age of about six, I dreamed of becoming a doctor, of being able to save lives. I wanted to do something real that would save the lives of my people.

And yet, I see now that there are many ways of saving lives and that taking lives can be a part of the process of saving lives. That is where I am now, preparing to take lives in order to save my people.

The enemy tries to say that human bombs are cowards, that we want to die, that we do this in order to go to a paradise where virgins will fulfill our every wish. Well, for a start, I can prove them wrong on the virgin issue. I am a woman, and I have no interest whatsoever in being pleasured by other virgins, thank you very much. The fact of the matter is that this is nothing more than stupid propaganda, like so many of the enemy's lies. The young men who become martyrs for our cause are not doing so in order to win virgins in the hereafter. Nor do we do this out of hatred for the enemy, although the hatred is a thousand times deserved. We do it for love of the homeland and for love of our people.

The Prophet Isa, Peace be upon him, said that there is no greater love than the love of a shepherd who is willing to lay down his life for his sheep. I agree that this is a very great act of love, and this is the act of love committed by every human bomb. We give our lives for our people, for our future, to try to turn a tide of destruction that threatens to sweep away not only our identity and heritage, but our very future. Sometimes engineers will use a bomb to attempt to change the course of a waterway. That is what the human bomb is doing, using a bomb to try to change the course of a terrible flood that day by day continues to sweep away our homes, our families and our hopes for any future. If we can make any impression at all upon this flood, if little by little, we can slow down its progress, force it into a different path and ultimately stop its flow completely, then we will have succeeded in a very great act of love.

One human bomb may be no more than a voice crying in the wilderness, but many human bombs can change the course of history, strip it of a hundred years of lies and deceit and bring the vision of a future back to Palestine.

Those who listen to the enemy propaganda should ask themselves one question: what does it take to make an ordinary boy or girl into a human bomb? In a different life, in ordinary circumstances, all of us could have been quite ordinary boys and girls. Do not mistake the human bomb for anything other than an ordinary human being forced by circumstance to act in an extraordinary fashion.

It is not easy to become a human bomb. When there is a choice between the high road and the low road, most will opt for the easier of the two. It is often easier for human nature to make excuses for betrayal and collaboration with the enemy than to face reality and know that integrity often requires the ultimate sacrifice.

It is a sad fact that the Zionists continue to be successful in hunting down the leaders of our resistance only because they are betrayed by our own people, by people whose vision is limited to the immediate situation or threat that confronts them. Even though some collaborators may be no more than people who fear for the safety of their families, or who are desperate for food and a safe shelter, collaboration is the ugliest and most despicable crime against our people. To aid the enemy, whether out of fear or greed is to BECOME the enemy. Furthermore, collaborators and those who do nothing whatsoever, trying to maintain a low profile in order to remain 'safe', must realise that there is no safe shelter as long as the enemy triumphs in our land. I will say it again: the crime of trading the life of your brother or sister for your own illusive safety is one of the worst, whatever its motivation. The man or woman who betrays a freedom fighter for gold or to save his or her skin deserves the punishment of death, for he or she has more power to harm our cause than our avowed enemy.

Cowards and collaborators must learn that it is far better to take the high road and meet death on our own terms than to cower in the shadows until the enemy drags us out to to the slaughter. The result, in physical terms, is the same, but how different the result in its effects upon others and upon the future!

My fiance used to quote an old Roman saying: 'Media tutissimus ibis', which means that the middle way is best.

He believed it as well and lived according to that belief. He saw good in all people and wanted to believe that, at the end of the day, NO MATTER WHAT, good would have to triumph against evil. He was willing to wait patiently for that day. In that sense, he embodied the old myth of 'oriental fatalism' which the Westerners loved to pretend gave them carte blanche to tear down cultures and civilisations throughout the world and superimpose their visions of glory upon the fabric of the universe.

Well, my dear Muhammad, you waited patiently as Zionist metal entered your eye and lung and leg. You waited patiently for the time when you would be allowed through the chequepoint to hospital... a time that did not come, while the wounds festered and finally rotted your flesh with gangrene. Your death was anything but clean. It was a death that is sadly typical of those who allow themselves to become the victims of oppressors.

Patience may be a virtue, but it has to be patience coupled with determination to win this war. Without that determination, we will cease to exist. It is as simple as that. We can wait patiently while they pick us off one by one, or we can go out to meet them.

I choose to go out to meet them. That is what being a human bomb is about. It is the last resort of those who have exhausted all other avenues. Justice is on our side. The law is on our side. Why then are we victims still? The fact is that the world has not listened to the voice of justice, nor to the voice of international law. It has not listened to the voice of compassion nor to any pleas for humanity. So finally we come to the voice that cannot be ignored: the voice of Immediate Death. The human bomb targets both the lives and the pocketbook of the enemy. The enemy has proven that it will remain deaf to us unless we threaten loss of their lives and loss of their profits.

I do not volunteer for this action to avenge my Muhammad. I do not do this to avenge any of our people who have suffered or died at the hands of the enemy. I do not do this for myself either. As I write this, I can see a letter written by my aunt in England, offering me a home and financial support for a chance to study medicine there. Unlike too many of my Palestinian brothers and sisters, my life is not restricted to the walls of the refugee camp. I have other options. In a way, it is precisely because I do have other options that I feel that my voice will be more emphatic when it explodes in the midst of the enemy. They cannot pretend that I have no reasons to live. They have not cornered me personally, but they have cornered us as a people and that is what counts at the end of the day.

Shall I go to England, to pursue my dream of saving the lives of some of our people, or should I stay here and pursue the reality of saving our future as a people? Being a Palestinian doctor is doing patchwork, darning and mending the rags of our existence over and over until, like all rags, they finally disintegrate and are thrown out onto the dustheap.

Our people must come to understand that the life of ANY individual must be subordinate to the cause of freedom from this Occupation. The value of any individual is not what is at issue; it is rather the value of our future as a people that must be supreme, overriding all other considerations in all of our hearts. What good is it to Palestine if any one of us prospers or survives if our people as a whole cease to exist? What good is the illusive freedom of one individual when the Palestinian people exist in conditions that are far worse than slavery? Unless we can act selflessly, for the good of the cause rather than pursuing individual goals and ambitions, our cause will fail.

The human bomb provides an example of that selflessness, demonstrating unequivocally that no life can be considered more valuable than the future of our people. The human bomb acts for all, not for himself or herself. 'Use me as a weapon of your will,' the human bomb declares. 'Let my life be sacrificed for the future of all our people.' This is emphatically not the act of some one committing suicide! Suicide is a selfish act, the act of some one who repudiates life and embraces death as a solution. The human bomb does not repudiate life at all. The human bomb embraces death as a comrade in arms, acting as a weapon for the cause of justice and freedom from Occupation.

Do I believe in the Hereafter? I honestly do not know what lies beyond this existence, because I am nothing more than a human being, whose understanding is limited to our life on this earth. I would like to believe. I do believe in God, and I believe that 'Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajaoun' that we come from God and to God is our return, but as God is unknowable and unfathomable, so is His Will and any reality beyond this world is beyond my sight. As far as I am concerned, what counts most is what I do here and now. I want to perform the right action for the right reason, with honour and purity of intent. At this point in history, the best action is that taken by the human bomb.

Holy Qur'an states: 'Wa la taHsabanna alladhina qutillu fi Sabilillahi 'amwatan.' 'Do not think of those who are killed in the way of Allah as being dead.' To me, it is not of the hereafter alone that this verse speaks, but of the fact that the memory of a life sacrificed in the way of justice and truth never dies. It stands as an example to be followed, but more than that, it is an _expression of faith in our cause. If I and other human bombs are willing to die in this horrible fashion for our people, does that not prove that hope for our future cannot be lost?

To be killed 'fee Sabilillahi', 'in the way or path of Allah', is to die for selfless reasons, in my opinion. That is why the human bomb, along with our other heroic martyrs, is one who truly can be said to have been slain 'fee Sabilillahi', because he or she has been slain in the pursuit of justice and freedom from Occupation. Nor can it be considered suicide to launch oneself as a weapon AGAINST the enemy. The goal of the action of the human bomb is not his or her own death! The goal is to strike a resounding blow against the enemy. If our own deaths are required, then so be it, but we do not go out seeking our own deaths. Let that be very clear. The act of the human bomb is the ultimate act of protest against the extermination of our people.

If our people go to the slaughter without protest, we will cease to exist. Let the world look to the Zionist actions and see that, whatever fairytales they tell, their actions speak of the need to exterminate us, to wipe us off the face of the homeland. Their entire culture, religion and government is based upon a racist premise, that the Jew and only the Jew belongs on this land. Despite history, despite any reality that proves their premise unconscionable and unsupported by logic or reason, they do not falter in their goal. Look to it, World, for those who are not Jewish, be they Arab, Gentile or anything else, are not considered their equals and they are not by their morality or religion required to treat you as they do their fellow Jews. Until the Jew decides to join the human race, there can be no dealing of equal with equal. It is written in their Talmud.

Enough of them, though. I must prepare for the ultimate act of resistance against this Occupation and I will not go to my death with ugliness and brutality in my thoughts. I will think instead of the symphony of the sea beating against the rocks... of the perfume of wild thyme rising from sun-baked hills... of the olive tree heavy with fruit that my great grandfather planted but that exists now only in our memories... of my mother's smile, encompassing a world of hope veiled in tears... of the roses, vines and birds she embroidered on my throb... of the Tree of Life and mihrab door to heaven embroidered over my heart... the mystical homeland she created in red, white, green and black, the colours of our land Palestine.

They call us 'terrorists' but it is an absurdity to think that they, who hold the power of life and death over our entire people each and every day, could be terrorized by us. We have nothing but our determination and our willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice. Our bombs consist of a handful of nails propelled, along with our flesh and bones, by the crudest of explosives. They can and have shown that they are willing to reduce an entire city to rubble in a single day, and make thousands homeless. When they have all the technology that this new century holds, who is the real terrorist in Palestine or indeed, throughout the world?

Yet it is true that the enemy fears Death in a way that we do not fear it. After all, why should we fear to meet the One who created us? The Christians have a beautiful prayer: 'Hatta idha ajtaztu wadi dhilali al mawt, la akhafu suwan liannaka turafiquni.' God is the Comrade who never abandons us, even in the valley of the shadow of Death. It is not Death that I fear, but the silence of extinction. Death does not extinguish the flame of our existence. The crown of the Martyr by tradition is Immortality. It is not my own immortality that I seek but that of the cause of our people.

We are a strong people. We are steadfast. That is not enough to prevail against the machinery of Death that has been set in motion against us. The fact that we have survived a century of genocide speaks eloquently of our strength and steadfastness, but how much longer can we endure? Those who robbed us originally of our land die peacefully in their beds of old age, having spawned another two or three generations of robbers and thieves. Those offspring convince themselves that they bear no responsibility for the continuing deprivation of our people as they invite more robbers into our homeland, while herding more of our people over the bridge to exile. They will not listen to the voice of justice. They speak of 'peace' when they have made the word an obscenity.

Salaam is not simply peace. Salaam is peace with justice. When true peace exists, all is right with the world. When true peace exists, justice has been served and people do not live as slaves or on mere sufferance under an oppressive and foreign occupation. Do not speak to us of your counterfeit Peace. Salaam is peace but it must be won now through sacrifice. I go now to win that Peace for Palestine.

Palestinian Resistence Shall Continue

I have been provided with a link from a relative of mine, and was told I might be interested.

As a matter of fact its contents were very similar to a famous Egyptian Neurologist and psychiatrist opinion of the human bombers in "Palestine". Many Scholars have differed on the opinion whilst many more agreed that they are martyrs since they are in a state of war and self defense. Also a respected Egyptian Neurologist and psychiatrist explained why they are true martyrs. Dr. Adel Sadiq May his soul rest in peace. He provided answers from books he studied in the United States of America, and questioned one thing. How could this material be taught and yet contradicted at the same time by American Officials? What he spoke of is what you shall read in the post to follow, only written by the human bomb herself.

This is the opinion I personally totally agree to, that of the scholars who are in favor of what the human bombers of Palestine are doing and that of Dr. Sadiq's .

I wanted to share it with you readers. Regardless of being Arab and Moslem, being Free and living with dignity is the reason why I have decided to publish the post to follow.

A letter written by a Human bomb herself, Hujayra al 'Arabi. It was also very similar to other women bombers video taped messages.

I look up to these people. I look up to those who live and die with dignity and freedom. I look up to those who will do anything to free their land of the Zionists' occupation to Palestine. Palestine will go back to its people eventually. And even if it doesn't soon, they shall never stop doing what they can to free their lands and gain them back.

It is worth mentioning that Zionists are truly cowards in my and many other people's opinions. They are not even compatible with the Palestinians in this war for freedom. They deny them weapons while they have heavy machinery. And yet are unable to stop the resistance, and live in fear. And will continue to live in fear as long as they choose to remain as they are… Theives!

The reason being, the Palestinians are justified. The Palestinians Have what the Zionists don't have. They have Faith in God and dignity. And they are not thieves.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem all you Moslems out there!
I pray this Ramadan joins us all with love, prayers of forgiveness for ourselves and one another, prayers for hedaya (guidance to the right path) for all mankind and ourselves, prayers of reliefe for those in distress where ever they may be.
Prayers for us all to be in peace everywhere and with everyone. Prayers that we never be the ones to start aggression or make wars. Prayers that Islam be understood by non Moslems and Moslems who really do not. Prayers for all oppressed Moslems and Others. Prayers for us to understand why we are Moslems and what is required from us to truly deserve this description. Prayers for those who are sick to get well. Ameen Ameen Ameen