Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dalulla's Birthday

hey everybody.... it is dalulla's birthday today! She is 31, but she looks more like 17.

have a great day Dalulla and save us some cake :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Iraq Invasion List!?

Iraq/War On Terror

The president has offered no timeline for withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq, saying he intends to maintain a U.S. presence there until the country is stable and run by a democratically elected government.

He plans to seek additional help from other countries in securing Iraq while it is rebuilt, and has ruled out instituting a draft to bolster the U.S. military should the situation worsen or drag on.

Amid the uncertainty in Iraq, it is not clear whether Mr. Bush will devote a greater share of his second-term attention to the worldwide dragnet for Osama bin Laden.

It is hard to estimate the long-term costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but 2004's expenses alone may approach $100 billion.


I just do not understand, what's in it for the United States' citizens if Iraq or Afghanistan or any other country is stable or not? Why do all of these Americans soldiers have to be there instead of doing something "constructive" with their lives? Why are their lives being sacrificed like this? And moreover Bush wants to drag in other countries as well? Phewww!

Weren't the American people better off with the $100 billion in their own country? ???

Why can't Bush pay more attention to his own internal affairs? To his country's economy instead of this wild goose chase where plenty of money is being trashed and worst of all valuable lives both from the American side and the Iraqi's (no money will ever compensate anyone for their kin's injuries. Let alone lives!).

God knows how much more will be spent? How many more lives spared from both sides? Till when? WHY?

Honestly for what reason is all this happening? 9/11 I assume? Is it really worth all this? Or are there other reasons?

Has anyone convinced this man that he is ruling the world? Someone please enlighten me. Otherwise, what's really in it for him? He is becoming infamous in many parts around the world, so it cannot possibly be fame.

Please check this article out:

Katrina and Rita are sure not getting his attention much. Perhaps a "MIGHTY ZEUS" would? But I sure hope not for the sake of the American people.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Protocols of The Elders of Zion, Responsibility of 9/11 incident and fianlly Does the State of Israel have the right to exist?

Peace be on all you people out there. This is a comment in response to Mr. Elstevo, a commentator or Flanstein's Blog. The comments are about the Post Islam – evil on a stick.
Please feel free to check out the post and the post before it titled The mind of a Moslem, whatever that meant!!!!!

( - Post titled Islam – evil on a stick and also connected to the post "The mind of a Moslem")
Elstevo said
Since you never actually anwsered ANY of Flanstein's claims, let ME ask three simple questions:
Dalulla said
I do not think you read my comments thoroughly because I did answer and had questions myself that none were answered to, not by Flanstein nor anyone else.

Elstevo said
What do you think of The Protocols of The Elders of Zion?
Dalulla said
These protocols are not something that the Arabs or Moslems invented, as a matter of fact were invented or discovered by the Europeans.
Kindly read, this is something I copied out for you from a site off the net. Reference:
(I do not fully agree to it but will explain later).

"The Protocols are the classic statement of the old notion of an international Jewish conspiracy. They purport to be the text of discussions showing how Jews planned to take over the world and enslave non-Jews. They've long been an excuse to persecute Jews and have been promoted by many famous and powerful people, including some in the U.S.

In 1920, Henry Ford started a newspaper for the purpose of attacking Jews and communists. His paper, the Dearborn Independent, "printed every conceivable staple of contemporary anti-Semitism, including the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" (A Legacy of Hate: Anti-Semitism in America, by Ernest Volkman, p. 33).

A U.S. Congressman, Hamilton Fish of New York, once used his office to distribute copies of the Protocols. Accused of anti-Semitism, he responded, "It doesn't bother me any. There's been too much Jewism going around anyway." He was defeated in his 1944 re-election bid (A Legacy of Hate, p. 42).

Where did the Protocols come from? Binjamin Segel's book (translated and edited by Richard S. Levy), A Lie and a Libel: The History of the ''Protocols of the Elders of Zion'' begins with a likely timeline. According to Segel, the Protocols were most likely fabricated in Paris between 1897 and 1899 under the supervision of the head of the Russian secret police abroad, Pyotr Ivanovich Rachkovsky. The intent was "to strengthen the czar Nicholas II's position by exposing his opponents as allies with those who were part of a massive conspiracy to take over the world" (Skeptic's Dictionary,

The first known publication of the Protocols was August 26-September 3, 1903, when they appeared in abbreviated form in the Russian language paper Znamia ("The Banner"). In 1905, Sergei Nilus published the "full" version as an appendix to his book Velikoe v Malom ("The Great in the Small"). In 1906, another version was published by G. Butmi in his book Vragi Roda Chelovecheskago ("Enemies of the Human Race").

In 1917, Nilus, who had already published the Protocols two more times, produced yet another edition, this time attributing them to Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), the founder of modern political Zionism, i.e., Jewish nationalism.

In 1919, anti-communist Russians distributed copies of the Protocols to members of the U.S. cabinet, judiciary, and intelligence agencies. Henry Ford's edition appeared in 1920, as I said, and the document received attention in the British press as well. Thirty-three editions are known to have appeared by 1933.

In 1921, a reporter for the Times of London, Philip Graves, found that the Protocols had been plagiarized. As it turned out, there were two sources: Dialogue between Machiavelli and Montesquieu in Hell, an 1864 satire of the French ruler Napoleon III by Parisian lawyer Maurice Joly, and Biarritz, an 1868 novel by German anti-Semite Hermann Goedsche.

Goedsche is credited with developing the whole “Jewish plan of world conquest” idea. Biarritz features a chapter, “In the Jewish Cemetery of Prague,” in which the princes of the twelve tribes of Israel gather at the cemetery to report the progress of their world takeover schemes. As Segel said in A Lie and a Libel, “The plot bore such a striking resemblance to the one developed in the Protocols that any reasonable person must conclude that either both were written by the same man or one was plagiarized from the other” (emphasis in original).
Segel continues: “Thus the world-conquering plans of the Elders of Zion came out of Goedsche’s trashy novel. But the Elders’ political dogmas and schemes, as well as the moral principles that were their foundation, came almost word for word from the speeches of Machiavelli in Joly’s petty satire on Napoleon III.”

Graves debunked the Protocols in the Times, the first in a long series of refutations. Among others, a South African court ruled them a forgery and a Swiss court declared them a fraud.
Faced with the facts, some early promoters of the Protocols repented. Henry Ford published the Protocols along with his other anti-Semitic articles in a book entitled The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem. But in 1927, he publicly retracted and apologized for the book, claiming his assistants had duped him.

But Ford was the exception. Others continued to publish the Protocols in other countries long after they'd been debunked.

A few even managed to explain away the evidence of plagiarism. Segel relates that Lord Alfred Douglas, an anti-Semitic leader in London, said that Joly was actually a Jew originally named Moses Joel, who interwove the real Jewish plan for world conquest into his satire. This meant that showing the Protocols were extremely similar to his satire proved nothing--of course they were, because they both were talking about the same real event!

The truth is, the Protocols were a useful weapon against the Jews, and those who propagated them in all likelihood didn't care if they were true or not. In 1933, excerpts were read at the Romanian parliament by Fascists as a reason to expel Jews from the country. Hitler cited them in Mein Kampf and again when castigating the Jews as warmongers in 1939. Franco cited the Protocols in his denunciations of the Jews as well.

You'd think the Protocols might have been put to rest after World War II and the Holocaust, but no. Communists in the Soviet Union used the Protocols to stir up anti-Jewish sentiment, and they continued to be circulated around the world. Segel's timeline continues all the way up to 1994 (his book was published in 1995), when an Australian edition was produced by Christian fundamentalists.
Dalulla said
I would like to bring up something. The definition of "a rumor".
Rumor: an assertion or set of assertions widely repeated though its truth is unconfirmed by facts or evidence.

"A rumor goes in one ear and out many mouths," reads an ancient Chinese proverb. In the original Latin, "rumor" was a synonym for "noise." Rumors, gossip and hearsay have long been regarded — and derided — as forms of idle, destructive chatter.

Though unreliable by their very nature, rumors can prove to be true, however. "Rumor is not always wrong," noted Tacitus, the Roman historian. The crux of the matter isn't truth value per se, but the absence of verification.

All this fuss about the Protocols of Elder Zion may have a truth in it. But there is part which I do know is fact.
Please note the following:

Where I am concerned, Yes I do believe there is a very careful conspiracy from the (please mark my words) "Zionists" to claim the land from the Nile to the Euphrates as theirs, I don’t know if their dreams went as far as claiming the world, but this I do know and have seen it on their local televisions! First hand, not second hand news! They teach the children in school "Dawlet Israel men el Nil lel Furat – the state of Israel is from the Nile to the Euphrates – ").

And moreover the Zionists' attitudes in many aspects where hatred towards the middle east. There are efforts to veil this slow crawling through their never ending efforts to make agreements with neighboring countries. It is too obvious. It's just so funny. The stupidest thing to do is to underestimate people's intelligence. To think some one is stupid or dumb is the first big mistake anyone can make. Never underestimate a person's mentality, no matter how dumb or stupid "you may choose to think" they are!

Why have they come to Egypt in efforts of conquering our land? They managed to conquer Sinai but only for a while. Again too bad, were pushed out, and yet are still most welcomed in it to visit and stay as long as they wish to, and get first class treatment as well!
You should see Sharm El Sheikh during Jewish national holidays and holy events! It is packed with Jews and people from Israel. I personally made some friends there too. Only the ones I made friends with were peace loving people. They just want to live and let others live without bothering anyone and were not for the existence of the Israeli state. A State established on the blood of the original owners of the land!

Why else would they have secretly allied with the United States Forces in the War on Iraq. It is known to every one they were taking part in it! But too bad, they came out empty handed so far or maybe not so empty handed, but with more disrespect along with any other country that did not admit that this aggression was unfair.

Off topic from your question, but I would like to add, In the United States and in England there are still marches demanding that the troops from both countries be brought back safe home (that was on your local News just yesterday!!!). Why in God's name won't you see the truth? Why can't you admit that the soldiers on these frontiers are being tortured in a war that is not theirs to fight? Why can't you feel the anguish of all your fellow American's families who are sleepless worrying about a close kin? What's in it for you? Maybe because none of your own relatives is in this you cannot feel it, but for me as a Moslem, I feel the pain of each mother worried sick for her son out there, I feel for the fathers, the sisters and the sons and daughters. I feel for them all. And I also feel for the Iraqis in anguish. Don't you see? There is anguish on both sides!

Elstevo said
Who was responsible for 9/11?

Dalulla said
The oppression and injustice of the Foreign Policies of the United States Government against the middle East is responsible.
And by saying so I AM NOT justifying the act, because under no circumstance shall I by any means defend it. But I must admit, it was a result of pressure that was not and still is not being properly contained by the Foreign Policies. And till the United States Government minds its own business or show respect and justice towards the Middle East, the nightmare will continue to recur.

It is something no one desires believe me. What's in bloodshed and insecurity for any one? Can you tell me? What good would the mass murders serve Us Moslems or any one else? By logic it will become an ongoing circle of violence which is the case now. The war on terrorism is doing nothing but increasing it, but not just in our part of the world, but in many other countries that are needless of this agony!

Trust me this will not change as long as the attitude towards the Middle East changes. Some people just got fed up with the arrogant and interfering attitude of the Foreign Policies of United States government. When Bill Clinton was President there was no violence to these extremes, Actually nothing in comparison to what has been happening and still is. If you open your eyes just a bit and walk out of this nutshell you insist to stay in, you will realize that violence increased when Mr. Bush came in Presidency.

Look at his face, how he has aged drastically during this short period of time. I believe it is the result of the extreme stress he's brought onto himself. Never have we heard of tampering with Polls during a presidency election as the whole world witnessed during this last election, never have we heard and seen a percentage so big amongst the United States citizens not wanting a president the way it happened during this last election. Come on please try to be a bit rational, set aside this one track mindedness and open your eyes to see the facts that the whole world witnessed. Not just the Arab Moslems and non Arab Moslems but also many Christians and Jews as well!

Elstevo said
Does Israel have a right to exist?
Dalulla said
Yes, of course it does. But DEFINITELY not on the account of any other nation. Not by demolitions, not by threatening people and bullying them out of their "homelands", not by taking away the air they breathe, and not by believing that Jewish blood is more valuable than any other Human beings' is. Because for fact it is no better.
WE are all human and what makes us different is how we act towards one another. Anyone who is respectable will definitely earn Respect.

P.S. Kindly check out my post titled Netuerei Karta International (Jews United Against Zionism). I do not hate Jews, but I despise Zionists in all senses LOUD AND CLEAR WITH ALL MY HEART!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Word of Honor (outcome)

Before posting about the incident at Mr. Joe's I had sent an e-mail to Mr. Joe himself and there was no response after the call and so therefore I informed him that I am going to post about it on the blogosphere. I felt he is entitled to know. I mentioned the problem briefly and I also mentioned I spoke to someone at their other branch in an attempt to reach him in person, but had failed and that is the reason why I will post about it and that he would be more than welcome to place a comment.

The young lady that called had received the e-mail and also said she had read the post. She was very diplomatic and polite. She said I was wrong for taking Mohammed's word since maybe the next time I went I may have not found him therefore would have had nothing but the receipt, which is right. But my answer was yes I agree but I did not expect that I would face that problem in a shop like that. And the other thing was that I did ask about the amount written in the receipt twice and why it was not the amount I was told of. At the moment I just took his word as a word of honor and I respected it, therefore I expected the same respect as well. Maybe there was a pinch of embarrassment also that made me not insist the amount would be written as verbally agreed to, and that I learned from. I should not be embarrassed in such situation, it is simply my right. But what can I say, sometimes we learn the hard way.

In all cases she asked me to go pick up the difference from the shop and that I was entitled to it. I told her frankly and asked her not to feel offended that I do not wish to go there again because I do not want to deal with the sales people or Bergo from near or far after that experience and that I do not want the money back. I also added I just do not wish harm for Mohammed on a large scale and that I felt Bergo should have handled it in a better manner since he is the shop manager.

In all cases, I felt the outcome was good.

I do wish to thank "Eng. A" for her decency.

However, I still do not feel good about going to take the money. Any suggestions?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Word of Honor?

Am I mistaken for trusting a man with his word? I guess sometimes you should not really trust people or expect honesty in every thing they say (which is a pity). I always thought that a person's word is a word of honor and that it means something. I personally do apply that as best as I can, and in the case I feel I cannot fulfill what I say, I rather not say anything.

I am still in shock at what I'm about to write, I might be mean for writing it and making it public. But one thing I believe in is that we should not let people get away with wrong doings especially if there is a possibility it may happen again to someone else.

I mentioned my cousin's wedding earlier. I went to the tailor's and got started in my dress making, which turned out quite nice. The tailor is such a sweet heart, and really is so good at keeping her promises. It was the first time I dealt with her. She gives you a date and fulfills her duties, even though under pressure on such short notice but she said she can handle five dresses which need lots and lots of work and she has. One was already finished on September 8th 2005, which was Heba's dress for her wedding ceremony at the mosque and was a beautiful piece of work inside out.

On the 30th of August I had decided to go shoe shopping. I was out doing a couple of things and I ended up in Dokki instead of home. That alone was a long story but not relevant right now.
Omar slept with me while I was in the cab. So I decided to take him to Mom's place instead of heading home in the heat and traffic jam of that day.

I wanted to go buy some mineral water. So I put Omar to bed and left. I decided I would have a walk to vent off from the pressure of incidents earlier that required so much control not to loose my temper.
I stopped at Aldo's (a shoe shop) and decided it was an opportunity for me to take a look while Omar was sleeping. So I did.

The color of my dress needed a certain color which I hadn't seen much of in shops. It is two layers, one very light beige and the other not sure how to even spell the color but it is sumo, I think peach, so the color combination needs a certain level of beige but mixed with peach as well. Besides for me to find something that I really like is kind of difficult sometimes.

Anyway, kept walking went to Venti to check Top's shoes inside, and then passed by Mr. Joe's.

I went inside and found one that I really liked. I had a piece of the material to check the colors and it matched beautifully. At the time a man from the shop called Mohammed was attending to me. Sitting outside at the desk was Bergo Younan, Joe's brother, both shop and factory owners (so I was told later on).

Mohammed told me the shoes cost L.E199 and the bag L.E79. He added that they were offering a discount of 40% and 10 % in case I took two of their products, so the total of both shoes was calculated at L.E199 (which I think was wrong because it should have been around L.E191). I needed to buy a bag and shoes anyway. However, there was a problem with the pair at the shop, it had a stain and the straps were all dismantled for some reason. In other words it had defects. I asked if they had another, the answer was no, but we can arrange to have one made at the factory, Mohammed said. I said great. I was happy to find something to match with my dress, its style appealing to me, and that I didn't have to search anymore. Mohammed said it would take about 10 days to be made, and I was lucky because I had time to wait.

He told me he would have to first check with the factory if they had the same color of the material and to check again if they can do it. I said alright but I asked him to be kind enough to inform me right away to enable me to look again incase it would not be possible (I'm pretty sure Bergo could hear the discussion all the way through because he was in the shop and there was no other customer but me).

All went well and the second day Mohammed told me it was alright with the factory and that they would do it. I went later on that day in the evening to pay the deposit. I paid L.E100 deposit and waited for him to write down a receipt. When he did I noticed he wrote L.E285 or L.E287, so I asked what that price was, and added I thought you mentioned the total would be 199 for both after the discount. He said yes it is, but I am writing it down like this for our papers. I asked him are you sure? He answered yes, don't worry about it. I TRUSTED him and took his word as a word of honor. As I took the receipt I asked again, are you sure the total is L.E199? He said yes again and added don't worry.

The day came for me to go pick up my shoes and bag. I went but when I spoke earlier to ask for Mohammed a man called Ayman had answered and knew about my order, and said that it was ready for me to pick up.

I went the same day. Mohammed was there, Ayman was there and I hadn’t seen Bergo around (yet). I took a look at the shoes and bag and they seemed fine, I was glad and smiling. I addressed Ayman since he was sitting at the desk saying, the amount left is L.E 99 right? He said no madam; it is 185 or 187 can’t remember quite exactly. I said excuse me? Why? Mohammed told me that the total was L.E.199 for both after discount, so how come now you are telling me this amount? He went on about that it was a special request order and that they do not usually do that and so forth, and that the amount on the receipt was so and so. After the smile, my facial expression turned quite straight and serious. I firmly replied that I had inquired about the amount on the receipt twice before and that I was informed it was for paper work on their end and I did not doubt or question what I was told, simply because I never thought it would be otherwise. I said well none of this has been mentioned. It is not my problem; I should have been informed earlier. Boy was I upset, filled with so much anger but held it back.

Bergo came from inside, asked what the matter was? So I told him (I did not know his name then). He went on saying the same as Ayman!! I told him I really did not understand why none of this was mentioned earlier and moreover, its not that I did not ask about the amount written on the receipt, I did and I mentioned the answer I was given by Mohammed. He said well Mohammed is new here and it was a mistake! (A MISTAKE??? !!!! )

I asked: A mistake? Ok a mistake, fine, but who is supposed to handle this mistake? You or me? He said no not us!!!! Someone working for him does a mistake and the client has to bear the consequence! Never have I heard of such nonsense in my life!

Bergo says, would you accept an apology (in such a way that makes u feel like you wish that apology was a brick that you can throw back at him because of the way he said it)? Can you believe this?

I said no I do not accept it. Bergo's face was turning red! The frustrated angry red! (lol) when I was the one who should have kicked them all! I told him listen, the money is available that is not the problem and is not the issue, so he answered in such a rude manner, well thank God in such a sarcastic tone and manner.

I was furious but still held it back and spoke seriously. Bergo went on saying we did this for your sake and to win a customer with a slight change of tone and facial expression. My reply was, and is this your idea of winning a client? What are you doing exactly? Cornering me, because you know I am tight in time and that I have no other choice?? If you had told me from the beginning at least I would have had the choice to take it or leave it. (I would have honestly taken it anyway, but I do not like the concept of being treated like that).

I went on saying, let me tell you something, what you are doing is very very "UGLY". And your apology was not even sincere because I am not a regular client; you're just attempting to end the discussion and get your unjustified amount of money and believe me you are not winning a client at all. I turned to Ayman, politely (but so filled with anger, you cannot imagine), took out L.E200 and handed it to him and waited for the change and said thank you every one. Good bye and left.

As I walked out of the shop, I really had this urge to slam the door and wished I could have kicked their buts! I just walked away and called a friend to vent out to.

I just could not believe this could happen at a supposedly reputable shop in one of the luxurious areas of Cairo! Never had I imagined it. I would have taken the shoes anyway because it was the perfect match for my dress. What bothered me was not the money rather the principle of the word given.

Well, I learned my lesson, but I didn't like it. I enjoy trust, and I suppose I do not distrust people in general. I do not like to. I will continue to be trustful because I do not like supposing people are not trustworthy and cannot give a word of honor.

I've been through some encounters where I was shocked at people, even gave many chances but ended up discovering how low they were and not trust worthy. But also was not disappointed by many others, actually sometimes you need to encourage people to handle the responsibility of the trust given to them, but it is like a two bladed sword depending on so many factors. But in the case I mentioned, it is either you trust or loose trust, therefore either they win a regular customer or loose one and moreover giving such a bad impression about their integrity.

I will be more careful I suppose. I think I should have insisted that the amount verbally mentioned to me to have been jotted down as is, but again, I never imagined it would go that far!

In all cases I feel no loss. My dress was pretty I was told and the shoes did make a good impression (lol). At the end of the day I feel no loss. Money comes and goes, but it is a matter of principle.

Mr. Joe's shop is one place I will not set foot at again. I said 7asbya Allah wa ne3ma al wakeel. I feel that was more than enough, plus the fact that I gave them a piece of my mind, although I do not think that would have any effect on them and specifically Bergo Younan!
I still feel bad about this whole incident. Still comes to my mind and I still feel shocked. How could they do something like that?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Om Reham

Om Reham is but a woman in her fifties that works as a janitor at our university. The works is hard, and she is definitely past her prime. She has back problems, is quite over weight, and her health in all does not seem fit to the job she does. And yet she does it because obviously she has no choice, and needs the salary, meager as it is.

She has this little buffet (canteen) that she set up to sell the students some snacks, napkins, chips etc. It might offer a little profit. Her real name I do not know, all I know is the “Om Reham” name (mother of reham), indicating that she has a daughter by the name of reham.

One day I was getting something from her buffet and the girl who attended to me appeared to be well educated, well dressed, polite, proud and well bred. There was another girl there more or less with the same description, helping her out. Asking who they were, they told me they were actually reham and her sister (the daughters of Om reham). They also told me they have another third sister who sometimes helps them out. They were all in universities, studying, and ambitious. During school, their mom would not let them help her, for the sake of paying attention to their studies. I was very impressed by their mother, who I am sure deprived herself of a lot for the sake of her daughters living relatively comfortably and with dignity.

She would never take charity or tips. When ever I buy something, she is very careful to give me the full change, and if I tell her it is fine, you can keep the change, she refuses. She is so sensitive and proud. Everyone depends on these extras from time to time, but she seems determined to do it alone.

Today I saw her at the university. Knowing that college term begins in a few days, I asked her if her girls are ready for the new year. She smiled and said: “I hope so, after my daughter gets well ISA”. “Your daughter?” I asked. “What is wrong?”

She tells me simply and with a sad smile that her eldest “reham” has been diagnosed with a heart condition where her arteries are constricted. She is supposed to undergo open heart surgery next Saturday where some of the arteries of her heart are to be replaced by others from her hip. Of course she seemed very worried, sad, and afraid, yet patient, hopeful and accepting. When the hospital bill was mentioned she said it would cost 9000 pounds!

Now that is a lot of money for someone like her. I am sure it is more than she can possibly afford. Seeing that, I asked her if she is short or something. I know a lot of people who would be willing to help financially in a case like this. She simply said: “no thankyou so much. All I want from anyone is for them to pray for her to get better”.

I offered again, and offered a Gam3eyya instead, in case her pride was preventing her from just taking the money, but again she said all she needs is prayer, she has some money now, and she will make do ISA.

I said to myself : subhan Allah. The pride of this woman. I remembered the verse in Quran : “(Charity is) for fuquraa’ (the poor), who in Allah’s Cause are restricted (from travel), and can not move about in the land (for trade or work). The one who knows them not, thinks that they are rich because of their modesty. You may know them by their mark, they do not beg of people at all...” (2:273)

لِلْفُقَرَاء الَّذِينَ أُحصِرُواْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللّهِ لاَ يَسْتَطِيعُونَ ضَرْبًا فِي الأَرْضِ يَحْسَبُهُمُ الْجَاهِلُ أَغْنِيَاء مِنَ التَّعَفُّفِ تَعْرِفُهُم بِسِيمَاهُمْ لاَ يَسْأَلُونَ النَّاسَ إِلْحَافًا وَمَا تُنفِقُواْ مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَإِنَّ اللّهَ بِهِ عَلِيمٌ

If she will not take money, the least I can do is to pray for Reham to be well and recover safely. For anyone who reads this, please pray for her.

The empty seat that offered so much (Republished)

Picture by: Ian Britton (c)
That empty seat that offered so much Posted by Hello

An empty seat maybe for………..

Maybe for two lovers to sit and talk, after a nice walk in the park
Maybe for someone who wants to be alone who needs to empty his mind from life's stress
Maybe for someone waiting for another to come as a meeting place then off to somewhere to have some fun
Maybe for the tree leafs to fall upon, especially all the time in autumn
Maybe for two old people to share memories, of 30, 40 or even 50 years that have quickly flown
Maybe for a jogger to rest upon, after a long round and the next to come
Maybe for someone who needs to sit silently to read, to enjoy the sun and the cool breeze
Maybe for a homeless to on it sleep, for the floor is too cold indeed
Maybe for an old man that needs to have some fresh air
Maybe for a young man that needs to get away
Maybe for a widow who misses being with her husband
Maybe for a child to eat an ice cream cone
Maybe for someone who wants to enjoy nature since the city is filled with crowds and pressure
Maybe for two friends doing absolutely nothing, but still having a great time!

This empty seat can offer so much more than meets the eye!

Monday, September 12, 2005

They really do grow up fast (Part 2)

September 9th, 2005, was another happy day for my other side of the family (mothers side, my parents are related anyway).

My cousin who has been brought up close with me got married. Also eight years of difference, but this time it's a she. A very special she. The wedding ceremony took place at the mosque, but the wedding party still to come. It is worth mentioning, those couple really fought to be together. Regardless of the details, they really stuck up for one another, to be together.

Mohammed fell in love with Heba while still studying at university. Went directly to her parents and told them he wants to marry her as soon as they both finish. At the beginning things went smooth, but later some complications came about.

Regardless, what matters is they both got what they wanted. I pray that their marriage turns out just great insha'Allah (God Willing). Both families are now in harmony, set their differences aside for the better good. The couple was beautifully united by the sacred bond of an Islamic wedding ceremony.

(Allahoma barek lahoma wajma3 baynahoma fi khayr – May God grant them his blessings and join them in goodness).
As the ceremony took place, a flash back came to me of what they have gone through to be together that day, as husband and wife. Tears suddenly gathered in my eyes and I was concentrating with the bride. She also cried silently. Tears of comfort I guess, tears of happiness she is with the one she wanted to be with, the one she loves.
Her parents are the very dedicated loving type. Her father is extremely emotional. He cried a couple of times and so did her mom, but I think her father more. I find that so nice. (My father never cried! I guess he was too busy feeling relieved I decided I would get married, lol) A Father's tears of joy and sorrow at the same time. Joy his little one has grown and shall have her own family and wishes her the best. This man was a real father. He really shared (and still does) brining up those girls (three of them). He is a Gynecologist and my aunt is an Ultrasound specialist. They both had equal shares in every thing including the girls bringing up and household responsibilities. He changed diapers, gave showers, fed them (all, he cooked when my aunt was on duty), held them, drew diagrams for them, taught them different arts, and best of all was and still is not just a father, but a friend. Not only to them, but to my sisters and I, and to his orphan niece, and to anyone who needs a friend and mentor. God bless him. He is like a father to me. I feel he is a blood tie, not just my aunt's husband. I truly look up to him.
I pray Heba and Mohammed take good care of one another. I pray for their love to grow by the second and always rise above any thing that comes their way as a couple. I pray the same for all couples!
The whole mood was nice and happy. I can't wait till the wedding. It'll be beautiful insha'Allah. Hope I can post about it soon... September 16th, 2005 is the day!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Young ones... They grow so fast!

Years pass by so quickly, one day you are saying cot chi co, to someone, the next you can barely reach their shoulders.. oh well I guess what makes it more difficult is that iI am short too (lol). Eight years difference between my twin cousins and I.

The years pass by so quickly. Our young ones are on their way to having their own young ones too! It is nice how this statement repeats itself over and over.

I remember once Hisham my cousin had a problem in school (he was in high school I think at the time). His mother could not go, so I went instead. Just for you to kind of try to imagine, I am quite short (ehm ehm 150cms-short-) and petit and Hisham is about 180cms and quite well built (masha'Allah).

What was very funny was the teacher that came in to speak to me had not met my aunt before. She walked in with a big welcoming statement and smile, addressing me as his mother! I could not help it, Hisham and I looked at one another in amazement and laughed. I told her I'm sorry I am his cousin not his mom. I am not even married yet! I still remember this incident and laugh.

It is so strange how twins can be so different. Hisham has a twin, Mohammed, but not identical. I used to think they would still have extreme similarities. But they are two totally different characters. One very outgoing, always on the streets somewhere or at the club or something, and is still in his last year at University. The other graduated with an over all GPA equivalent to a b+.

One so dedicated to love, the other to extra curricular studies and was always working in summers having nothing direct to do with female relationships except on a "by the way" basis sort of thing. One so into computers, does serious stuff, the other plays games. One drives his mom up the wall every now and then (but is still so gentle and loving with her) and the other calms her down. In other words one down to earth and has a great sense of responsibility and the other very carefree.

What is really common is they are equally lovable, sweet, giving, kind, reliable, and last but not least cute in a different way and loved by every one around them!

The 10 minute or so younger twin's engagement was yesterday! He was so happy and glowing with energy. He had been in love with his fiancé ever since they went to high school. Now they are engaged. I am really happy for them.

I wanted to post this in his honor. Just to say please pray for him to be happy with his choice and to be successful in all aspects of his life. This post is dedicated to Hisham, my extremely love driven cousin!
Another prayer please, pray for me to live to see my own son a happy groom next to a lovely birde.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Where Am I In The Midst Of All This?

If you are put in a situation where you are in a state of unhappiness and confusion and you had been living a very difficult life expecting the new one to be different. Different in the sense of finding comfort, ease, and containment (none of the previous are in reference to materialistics, but on emotional grounds). What would you do?

a) Try so hard and keep on trying? Considering, what if you become exhausted and lost all the energy and are really unhappy. Where will u get the energy to continue trying from?
b) Walking out. But that will break up other people's lives but will save yours? And maybe you can be able to make up for it but from a distance? Considering it might take some time for others to forgive you. But there might be a possibility they won't.
c) Forget about what you were craving for all your life for the sake of others' happiness? But you will end up living in anguish and break down slowly or snap at some point or keep hanging in there but choose others' happiness and comfort over yours?

Personally I am in search for peace. Real peace. I despise loud voices. I hate it when people are not logical in discussions and do not want to solve things, but rather leave them hanging without logic or consideration and expect that life will be smooth shortly. I am trying and will not cease trying. What happened to civilized discussions? I always wonder. You can always give way to the following unless if you are an obstinate person:
First step: Share your idea of the subject
Second step: Give the second person a chance to do the same
Third step: Try to first think of the other person's view, if reasonable why not accept it, if not then go to step four.
Fourth Step: Try to convince the other person of your point of view without making them feel they are obliged to accept it. Do not be a dictator.
Fifth step: If the other person is not convinced go to step six
Step Six: Allow the other person to practice their right of Step four
Step seven: If none of the two choices appeal to either of you, try to both reach a compromise.
Step eight: If a compromise is reached, then all well and good, if not try to find a way to comfort one another as much as possible and make the best out of the situation by taking a third opinion if applicable. If not, then both of you must try to refine to be able to reach to compromises or convincing one another.

If none of the above work, small bricks will build up to make a wall between both of the parties involved and that will be a big problem. Isolation!

I do not like wasting good things in life. Nothing in life is perfect, but can reach to a certain level of human standards of satisfactory perfection according to each individual's real needs. Perfection is only for the Creator with no doubt. Maybe the problem is that I am a Libra. I like things to be balanced, to suit everyone. For everyone to be content and happy including myself. But I do not like the idea of continuous and one sided sacrifices. Unfortunately sometimes there you reach a dead end that results in being "a no solution" situation for one of the involved parties which I think is totally unfair and agitating.

Some people live and die sacrificing for those around them and die doing so. I do of course respect and revere those people. They definitely endured so much during their lifetimes. But why does it have to be one sided, and more over not even noticed or appreciated? There are sacrifices that are essential in life. The only one and lovable sacrifice I can think of right now, is the motherly sacrifice where so much effort is put into bringing up a little one to be a true someone. That type I believe is done with pleasure and no question. Although I hear the oddest comments from some people I know, but will not dwell in depth into that now, maybe later though.

I enjoy relationships that are based on equality, justice, consideration, respect, compassion, and freedom. But not the negative freedom if you know what I mean. I mean the freedom that will not harm or hurt anyone as best as possible. Freedom that will add not destroy.

That is the true difficulty of the situation. Freedom that will not hurt. How can that be accomplished in the midst of all the self centeredness we are living in today?
If I didn't have hope, I would not still be asking questions and seeking solutions.
Last but not least, in the midst of all that, where am I?

Sunday, September 04, 2005

A walk to remember, anyone?

Has any one had a walk to remember? Something that really brought joy to your mind? Happiness? Without remembering anything bad or painful?

I was in Marina, I think it was almost three weeks ago. I remember not wanting to come back to Cairo. I decided I will go for a walk, didn’t know where yet, but then I ended up going to one of the beaches overlooking the salty lakes opening out to sea.

It was late at night. It stirred up many memories dating back to about fourteen years ago. It reminded me of a time that was so carefree and fun. It reminded me of some very good times I had just before I entered University with some very precious friends. Cannot deny, I did remember some bad memories, but for the first time in a long time, the good memories prevailed quite prominently al hamd Lillah wa7dou!

Good memories serve well at moments of weakness or exhaustion from responsibilities. The pain during that walk did not last long though. I truly Thank God for that. The atmosphere was just beautiful. The silence, the cool breeze, the sound of the waves' gentle crash to the shore were all nice. I felt so much serenity. I sat on the sand for quite some time. It truly felt good. Not just the sand, but the whole experience. I hope I can repeat it over again some time insha'Allah.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I Feel Thankful

I've been given links from my dentist some time back to a couple of blogs that were not shocking especially after I had and still have encounters with ones I already came across for myself, and not to mention people I sometimes meet and talk to in person, but thank God are very few. Regardless of who's they were (honestly I felt it was even a waste of time reading the posts) they really did earn my personal sympathy. I say this because I pity them from God's wrath. God is so merciful and kind, but if people insist on defying his orders, then so be it, they will have brought it onto themselves, but unfortunately only after it is too late, unless they refrain from those awkward thoughts and beliefs. (afa la tata3kiloun? Do you not reason? Words out of the Quraan). What is interesting is the Quraan and Prophet Muhammed mentioned such people. Sub7an Allah what is there that we haven't been told by God. So many current beliefs have been mentioned in the Quraan, and some more also mentioned and conveyed by prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih), that there shall came a time when a person hanging on to their religion shall be like one who holds onto a burning pebble. I sure pray to be one of those, I think I am trying my best (I hope so) and I do know there are people around me who do the same and even much better, and I am thankful for that. Sure wouldn't want to be directly surrounded by strays.
YES STRAYS is the only way I can define those who argue with basics of clear commands and standards of belief. Very obsitinate people, Allah yahdina all. Even those were mentioned in the Quraan, Sub7an Allah, and we were told of them by Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih). Al Hamd lillahi al lathy mann 3alina bel hedaya, wama kouna linahtadya illa an hadana Allah. This blogging business has in fact strengthened me religiously speaking. Sub7an Allah. The effect is miraculous. I always believed things happen for a good reason. God has been and is kind to me and to all people. Only if people would know the amount of Love He has for us, they would not have been so ungrateful and followed their personal desires in the manner prevailing now. I wish it stopped at that, because then there would have been no problem because it would have been a one to one problem (creation and Creator). The problem is, instead of people just saying we are not able to abide with this or that, they deny, argue, and also invent! How creative! And not only that also, they manage to mock those who do actually try to abide with certain religious conducts ordered by Allah and His Prophet. Moreover, describe them as blind followers or ignorant and so forth. Those people seem to think they are "the intellects" of society. Very strange, I would say. If they had been true intellects and "know it all" then at least Quraanic verses would have knocked some sense into their brains! Too bad it is their inevitable loss.

Allahoma Zidna 3ilman wa Iman kama tou7eb watarda, Ameen. (Oh Allah increase our knowledge and faith in the manner that would please you, Amen)
Shocking isn't it, this human weakness and never ending search for excuses to abandon obligations and duties… I pray God for strength and increase of Iman, I pray for him to help me and all people to stay on the right path, I pray that even if we fall into sin, that we be given a chance to repent before it is too late.
Allahoma Ighfir li wa lel nas ajma3een, wahdina wahdy man dal. Allahomma La taj3al fi koulbina zarata kibr. Ameen Ameen Ameen
(I pray for forgiveness for me and for all mankind, I pray for guidance for me and for those who went astray, I pray that Allah remove any particle of arrogance in our hearts…Amen Amen Amen)