Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am taking Baby Steps..

Well, today was one of those days, a new day but with a new step I am taking. I’ve always wanted to be a journalist… Long story, that was my major at the American University in Cairo. I never made it to my Bachelor’s degree.. and no not because I am stupid or anything.. I was forced to leave University because of some unfortunate family circumstances. I used to feel so sad every single time this subject came to my mind, because truly I was a victim of circumstance… Or maybe that is the only way I can phrase it. As time passed by however, that feeling began to cave in some how.

As I dwell more into religion, I learn what satisfaction means. Really it is not easy to get one self to feel “Satisfied” truly that is of the outcome of “x” result, but it is good to practice acceptance and moving on with your life knowing that God is kind and has better good in store one way or the other. If not during this life time then in the next insha’Allah (God willing).

Ok here’s the thing.. Back to the “always wanting to be a journalist”… My dentist had told me about blogging because I had told him about my passion for writing.. That was one thing I felt so thankful to him about. Introducing me to the blogosphere was a great thing for me. I know I am not such a great writer but I started doing what I like to do..

One day I was speaking about jobs from home and part time jobs, that these types of jobs are not widespread in Egypt and that I wished I could find something interesting to do from home. I want to eventually work again. I want to feel I am contributing in the finances of the house and kids with my husband. I feel he is overloaded. Thank God we are living just fine, but are totally unable to save anything. Life in Egypt is becoming very difficult. Anyway, Doshar, a very good friend of mine and a fellow blogger on hold for God knows how long, mentioned that her sister in law does work from home. Editing in a magazine or two and also writes articles. I was like WHAT?? Really? I immediately asked Doshar to give me her sister in law’s number so I can ask her if I can try to also write articles from home.

To cut the long story short (again), I managed to get an approval and I just sent my first article for approval and review today!!!

I want anyone who reads this to pray for me that this be my first step towards becoming a good writer. That is all!