Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A new member in the Paschalis family

Ok… I am still alive… God blessed me with a lovely Boy: Hamza!
I still cannot believe I am a mother of two. To me, this is a great blessing. Hamza is lovely masha’Allah and Omar loves him thank God. Jealousy is beginning to show in ways, but not in an extreme fashion. He is becoming somewhat more stubborn and says no a lot too. I am trying to handle him well, although sometimes I do lose my temper after repeating myself over and over again about something. But I do try to balance things. The bright side is so far he does not hate his brother or hurt him, he loves him a great deal which is great!
Although, sometimes I have to manage both Omar and his father with the temper problem (they quarrel and get stubborn with one another!!). Ulysse sometimes deals with Omar as if he is older than what he is. I in turn have to tell Ulysse (aside, not in front of our son) that what he is doing is in excess or is not the way to deal with Omar at this age… But all in all I guess we are alright. I do wish I can give more attention to Omar though. I think I will be able to manage insha’Allah. Or so I keep telling myself. I am trying and I am enjoying being a mother for two boys.
This is all for now. I miss the blogosphere and I miss all of you!