Friday, September 29, 2006

Sixth of Ramadan.... 32 years old today!

I am quite happy tonigh… I was born on the 12th of Ramadan during the year 1974, can’t recall which hijri… This year my birthday comes again on a Ramadan day as well.
Today, the sixth of Ramadan, I am a 32 year old mother for a lovely boy, and waiting for the second to come safely. I am praying Allah would extend my life to care for them till they are safe and secure to be on their own as good and proper loving, giving and decent Moslems.
Please pray for my father, he is not in the best of conditions these days (Me worried, but Allah is merciful insha'Alah). His moral is really down, somethings are upsetting him and I am really trying to help comforting him the best way i know possible, but his moral is still not at its best, nor is his health or strength.

Please pray for a safe delivery for me (supposed to be on the 10th or 11th of November isa)
Please pray that Allah gives me the strength to carry on with my fasting till the end of this holy month
Pray for my son to be a good Moslem
Pray for my coming son to be safe and sound and to also be a good Moslem.
Please pray I be forgiven for any sins i know of and don't know of
Please pray Allah accepts what little deeds I am able to do at this time of my life (trust me they are few)
Pray for the Ummah to unite in peace and harmony, and for mankind to establish peace amongst them.
Last but not least, I pray for you all a Ramadan kareem and for your fasting and deeds to be accepted by Allah, for you all to feel peace, happiness and to be blessed by Allah … Ameen Ameen Ameen.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ramadan Kareem...

1) I pray we all truly work on understanding the purpose of Fasting in Ramadan.
2) I pray we apply that understanding
3) I pray we practice what we have understood and hopefully applied throughout the year till the next Ramadan to come.
4) When and if insha'Allah we do live to experience the next upcoming Ramadan, I pray we are all going forward, i.e. progressing in our attitudes as true Moslems. As good examples to those who do not follow our beloved Islam to help the, know and understand what beauty we posses, as good brothers and sisters to one another, and as obedient Moslems to Allah sub7anaho wa ta3ala.
5) I pray for peace, unity, respect, and understanding amongst Humanity anywhere..... Every where

Those are "some" of my general prayers and wishes for the Ummah. On the personal basis, I pray for the days to pass quickly as i am really growing anxious to meet my baby. I pray for Allah to give me life for raising my children up. No one will be able to raise them the way I want to. I have Omar, and I pray sincerly for another Omar Ibn Al Khattab in my son. I pray for a brave one as the Hunter of Lions (Hamza, the Prophet's - Allahomma Saly wa salem 3aleih - uncle).

Omar wants to name his brother Hamza... If insha'Allah we do settle for that name (which i think we may very well, since I do not want to disappoint Omar), I very much want another Hamza as well!

I want a bit of goodness from here and there, I want the true love of Allah and his prophet to be strongly and deeply embedded within my children’s hearts, minds and souls..

I want Allah to help my and my husband to be good companions, to be good parents and to be so, we need to be better Moslems...


Friday, September 01, 2006

Cannot get used to it!

It is no surprise what people have become… how they have become. Seldom when you find decency today amongst people in societies… yet for me it is still so difficult to get used to. Even if it is something wrong that I see every day, I still cannot understand why it happens and cannot help but get bothered by it. I wish I can change it but some things are not so easy to change are they. The least I do is pray for change.

My question is why? Why is it always so frustrating for me when someone lies or betrays or name it. Why do I get heart aches? Why can’t I just get along with my day and feel alright… Well I do really feel thankful to Allah for not being like those people who willingly lie or do wrong consistently and with no shame. But it is so painful and difficult to have to deal with some people on a daily basis knowing that they are so filled with trash in their minds and hearts.

This applies to many people, but not all I have to deal with…

There are certain people in our society whom have such traits in excess and with no limits. Housekeepers for instance… My GOD! I cannot believe the frequency of their lies… No matter how well you treat them and try to set a good example to them, they still do it lie and do weird things. Worst of all, they are never grateful for any thing you do for them. Even the semi educated ones do it too (maybe occasionally, but they do). What really gets to me is some of them pray!!! Why do they bother? Or is it just a daily exercise or an obligation they are burdening themselves with just to supposedly give a good impression about themselves???

I tell myself, it is probably the way they have been brought up… It has been corrupted for generations. Problem is no one is taking the trouble to try to adopt those people and try to teach them morals and ethics of the lovely religion they are following. I believe that one of the most important factors contributing to the corruption amongst that stratum of the community is the negligence of the influential, educated and rich or well off people in the society. We must not forget those people, we must not ignore their presence in our society, we must treat them with respect and try to teach them what they do not know with patience and care.

Ok… they are what they are… but this so happens also amongst high class people, amongst educated people who supposedly know the value of principles and ethics.. They cheat, they lie, and they do not consider anything but the monetary unit that shall go into their bank accounts or the power they shall gain.

A friend of mine has a quote next to her msn nickname saying: Most people are only alive because it’s unfortunately illegal to shoot them!! Some people are just inhumane! They are so wicked it shocks me.

I personally wonder how some people live the way they do… Human nature is absurd… strange and mysterious… What makes people the way they are. There are so many factors that combine form a person’s characteristics. It is very complicated. Some people are more affected with badness rather than goodness.

What is it that makes it that way or the other? I guess I will die not knowing why, because it is truly a mystery… or is it choice???

Well? Is it mystery or choice that makes people either bad or good? Kind or wicked? DO we choose to be good or bad? I feel it is up to us to choose, but are we all on the same level of sanity to choose? To direct and redirect ourselves??? Are we all on the same level of strength of character? Is there such a thing as weakness that may lead someone totally astray or that will lead them to severe depression? Or is it that a person chooses to be weak?

I’d like it if some of you would share your opinion, maybe jot in an incident from your own life as an example? I want us to all try to share our experiences, maybe they will help others.