Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Charismatic Soul and Wonderer... A day to remember!

Just before I begin, there were always rhymes that we used to write to one another as friends on cards or small papers that we all kept (at least for some time) and were really fond of. That was back at school when we were kids, but for some reason, I want to quote one here:

There are small ships
There are big ships
But the greatest ships of all
Are Friend-Ships!

Ok, here goes, Doshar and I met with Charismatic Soul and Wonderer. I have written earlier about meeting with wonderer, it was a pleasure and it was fun too!

Chari is so easy going, has a lovely smile, and I guess we all felt easy, so easy I can dare say, at least I did! I hope they enjoyed it too!

Only this time, we met outdoors at a coffee shop called Coffee Roastry. It was like a second home to me before I got married. I was always there almost on a daily basis for five or more consecutive years! That place added one great memory to the old memories.

This one is "A Memory" that is different and unique. Meeting such lovely people is very nice. Now in this time we are living in, despite all what is being said about few good people, it is good bumping into nice people.

One day before the meeting, I get a call from Wonderer, she says something like a brief hello, then immediately she says tomorrow at eleven (a.m. of course). I did not have a chance to say anything; she says that is not negotiable tomorrow at eleven we meet at Coffee Roastry, Me (wonderer), Chari, Doshar and yourself! I told her I would do my best to be there on time, all depends on Omar and how the day goes, but God willing I will make it. She emphasized on not being late, and I said will do my best.

Funny thing is, first one there was Doshar and I followed shortly. Omar was crying and did not want to be left at the nursery (the every day heart breaking routine!).

I was there at fifteen past eleven. Wonderer and Chari came a short while later, and I was making fun of Wonderer because I am the one that is always late for things and she was emphasizing the day before that I must be there on time.

It was really nice, all of it. We sat comfortably, chatted and ate all together. I was picking stuff from Doshar and Wonderer's plates because I ordered pan cakes which were not nice. Not as I expected them to be at allL Chari however only had drinks! And sugarless too!

At the end, Doshar took some photos and we were all laughing quite loud for some reason, each one complaining about how she looked in the photo, but the photos were absolutely nice. The idea of us all in one picture is a great memory.

We left in twos! Doshar and I went to the Club to get some stuff from the exhibition (that never ends all through the year) and Chari and Wonderer off to their homes I guess. Oh forgot to tell you, Wonderer came along with her son's microscope hoping that since Doshar is a famous dentist would be able to assemble it for her! Hehehehehe. Won't tell u how that went, will leave it to them when and if they comment!

Rats! How could I forget, Wonderer called Nerro, all of us were hoping she could make it. But she was at work and could not take any time off.

I do pray some day the next meeting more of you bloggers in Egypt can be there. It was a great gathering!
Me, I hope u are not teased... We really wish u could be there at some point. Insha'Allah u will.

Jane if u are reading this, I really wish u can make it to Egypt some time. I would love to meet u in person some time too!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Eid Mubarak Every One

I just love the Kaaba, and Eid Al Adha for me always brings it to my mind.
It brings peace to my heart and mind, and I do pray I be blessed to be there some time soon
at a time like this, time of the Hajj (Pligrimage).

Eid Mubarak to all you Moslems out there, from the deepest of my heart. I pray Allah grants us a visit to the kaaba. I pray we all get to go there for Hajj inshaAllah. That is one very important prayer and wish I want to offer to you lovely people.

Other than that, I pray this Eid brings you and me closer to our loved ones. I pray it be a new beginig to new ways of life for all of us. So filled with love, compassion, care, unity, respect and appreciation for one another and for every one we may meet through out our lives.

I pray for my unmarried blogger female friends to be blessed with lovely husbands and children, and vise versa for the males. I pray that all your lives be filled with security and serenity, I pray God grants us the strength and patience to be thankful for every thing that happens to us or comes our way. I pray that all the unfortunate Moslems be blessed with peace and tranquility. I pray for the homeless to be sheltered. I pray for the sick to be cured, I pray for the orphans to find warm hearts, I pray for the stray to find the straight path.

Last but not least, I pray for my father to be well soon insha'Allah. Ameen Ameen Ameen.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Omar's Birhtday

Last night I was kindly invited to Omar's birthday! And it was a blast really. I took some pictures, and wanna talk about it, but will wait for Dalulla to do it first (her vesrion) or will do it on my blog. Just thought to tell you all that Omar just had a beautiful 3rd birthday!

hats off to Dalulla's mom. Begad...What an effort.

May he have many many happy birthdays ISA.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just a small reminder for me and you

Please do not forget to pray for People of Pakistan, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, parts of the United States that have been struck lately (since i am totally totally not following up with anything, but pray for them when i remember), Somalia, Bosnia, and any other place where any people may be in distress of any sort.

We need not forget those people who are definitely much less fortunate than we.

No matter how much we go through many others are for fact going through a worse time than we are.

Maybe those prayers will help us as well. When we remember them in prayer and good wishes, it is like an investment in our book of deeds.

GOD is merciful, and prayers really do make a difference.

Allahoma Farej karb kol man 3ala wajih el ard, wahdina wahdihom, wa 2amen el nas ajma3een men al khawf, wal jou3 wal marad wal bard. Allahoma kawy iman al nas ajma3een wahidina wahdihim al sirati al mostakim. Ameen Ameen Ameen
I pray God relieves all those on the face of this earth, I pray God guides us all, I pray God gives them security and peace from any fear, hunger sickness/illness and the cold whether especially now a days. I Pray God strengthens faith withing people's hearts and our hearts and to lead them to the straight path. Amen Amen amen.
I pray for a new begining for every one (including myself)!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Omar growing up

Ok dear friends, for some reason I wanted to share something very precious with you all. Here are some photos of him as he grew up.
Please pray for him and for me to always be the mother
he will think of with love when he grows up.
I do pray I be a mother that he would be proud of, a mother that will help him through every thing and anything with love and wisdom.
Amen amen amen...
I think this picture was taken on the day he was born or the second.
My hand and Omar's hand
Omar, five days old, and no that is not me in the photo!

Whinnie the Pooh and Omar

Papa's hand and Omar's tiny hand

My little angel, sound asleep.

What's with all the slippery stuff ? Where is all of it coming from?

I want to sleep!

Heyyyy, I have feeet! Two of em too!
I feel sleeeeepy. I'll try to rock myself since mom is too busy taking photots!

Those things are colorful, they seem edible, why not, I'll have a bite!

My first day in a big bathtub (swimming pool that is), never knew they came in such big sizes...

At the sea side:
wooooow a bigger bathtub!

Hey! I can do push ups! I didn't know that.. very interesting!
I would love to bite my old man back, but I have no teeth yet! But I will someday, and boy will Ii show them all!
Mobiles can be very harmful, so allow me! That mobile was destroyed by Omar's drewl power!

What can i say? The kid decided it was not good for me!

I am not Omar but
Whinnie the Pooh.
Can I please have
that camera?

Too bad, she must have removed everything and anything that I am not supposed to lay hands on..Ratttts!
shhhhh, on my way to do some michief, now that i have this walking machine i can get to anything and every thing! shhhh don't tell mamma
First haricut:
Mommy dearest cut my hair reaaaal short at home! She could not wait for the barber to do it!
Heeyyyyy it's too sunny for me, can't open my eyes.. I need to throw some sand around on my grannny and parents! Which way? which way?!

A hard worker:
Well, I guess after all the effort he made to sucessfully dismatle his truck, I guess he was exhausted and slept next to it, but placing his hand on it so that no one takes away his hard work!
Omar eating chocolate and feeding his clothes and his high chair with him, generouse aint he?!!!

I think he was about to cry because he wanted to give the digital camera a bit of chocolate, which was something I could not afford allowing him to do!
But it passed!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

January 1st

Like today, three years back, this time, 3:02 past midnight, I still had Omar inside of me!

I was having trouble sleeping, excitement, fear, and many more feelings but most of all faith in God.

I was scheduled to deliver by c-section on the first of January, actually I was given a choice between the first and second, but I settled for the first day of the year, of the first day of each new year (ya rab ye7yeeny for some more isa – I pray God grants me some more years).

Omar was delivered at 11:10 in the morning on a Wednesday, year 2003. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day.

The years have passed. I don't know what to say. I don't know whether they went by quickly or not. It is odd. I just cannot tell!

I pray my son is blessed by God, to be:
a good Moslem,
to be blessed with good health and a sound mind
to be kind
to be loving
to be grateful (in all senses first to ALLAH and to anyone who may do the least for him)
to be generous even if it means having a 5 pound bill in his pocket but being able to give it to some one in more need
to be a regular in the mosque
to be of good influence on those around him
to never look down on sinners, but rather give them a hand
to be in Love with Allah and His prophet, thereby to all mankind
not to hold grudges
to remember any wrong doings done to him (God Forbid) but to be able to be forgiving)
to be firm yet tender

so much more, really I could keep going on and on. I am greedy in duaa (supplication) where Omar is concerned. I had begun the duaa for my unknown son the minute we decided to have a child!

If I want to live, I want to live to deliver a good man to the Islamic Umma and to the rest of the world.

God grant me what it takes to deliver a man You and Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly wa Salem 3aleih) would look onto and be proud of. A Proper Moslem who will hopefully be part of bringing peace and love to this earth, a Moslem who would be able to tell those who are not Moslems what Islam truly is and calls for. A Moslem who would have a good impact on the Moslems who are weak in faith. A man who will really have a positive and deep impact on this world!

Kol 3am wa2anta ila Allaha Akrab ya Omar! I pray each year to come brings you closer to Allah Omar!

Ameen Ameen Ameen.