Monday, August 29, 2005

Neturei Karta International (Jews United Against Zionism)

There is a site I believe many Moslems should check out. It gives an insight to the reality of a fraction of the Jews in the world. A positive one actually, or so I see it,
I learned by time not to judge people according to their beliefs. Belief is one's own relationship with God. But what I also learned is we have a duty in life, and that is to be informative and to spread the word of God in the best manner possible. Being informative without mixing up between basic rules and orders in religion and our own personal opinions.

We need to speak of things we understand and have strong basis for, rather than saying things from our own points of views. That is, where religion is concerned. Religions have their respect.

When I was young I had apathy towards Jews in general. I hated "them" for what was happening in Palestine. I did not differentiate between Jews and Zionists. When I did, I felt I was not being fair in my generalization in this aspect in particular.

Some time back, about a year and a half, I also watched an interview of an authentic and active Jewish Rabbi (if i recal properly) called David Wise. I was quite thrilled to know that he and many more authentic Jews shared and agreed to the belief that Palestine is not for the Jews. It belongs to Palestinians.

His exact words were" Israel dawla ded Allah" Israel is a state against the will of God.

In all cases, never mind what I think now, I'd like whoever reads this to check out this site out.
Allah yahdy banu Adam to what He pleases. Ameen, Ameen, Ameen.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

to my friend

My dear friend, I hear you talk, and I listen, and I so feel for you. I wish there was something I can do to make your distress end. I can feel your pain, and more, your panic and struggle with yourself. truly that is the biggest struggle of all. no one can run or abandon one's self, so the struggle can not leave you until resolved. you want to be good, right, and yet you want to be happy. And right now, you feel these things conflict within you, and you are confused. You wish you can be told what the correct solution is. The solution that would not cause you regret or remorse, or worse, God's anger or disapproval.

I feel for you with all my heart, wish I can reach in your heart and make it all better. I know I can't, though I promise to do what i can, but el hamdolillah, I know God can, and I am hopeful that He indeed will. I pray to God to help you out, I also ask God that I be a good friend to you these days, that I give you the right advice, and be a good listener when you need to talk.

things get clouded sometimes, especially when you feel that you are tired and want to do something about it, and are held back by your guilt, consciense or your own self doubts. You are what you are, and that is no small thing. I think you are a good person, with a good heart and good intentions. you are certainly a great friend. sometimes, things are more than we can handle, and it doesn't mean we are bad people. take it easy on yourself. Cheer yourself up, I will definitely try to help you with that ISA. Hope the day comes tomorrow with a smile on your face and peace in your heart. I love you lots. yours D

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The unfixed door handle.

I have been experiencing a problem with my bedroom door handle since a while ago, to be precise, almost three months. I asked my husband to fix it. Problem is I am not the nagging type in general and especially with men, let alone my own husband. The other problem is my husband is forgetful and I think that after almost five years of marriage I discovered that when I do not make a big deal out of things they loose importance, with him that is. I still cannot nag.
I despise and cannot tolerate nagging myself, therefore I do not like to do it, except if it is for something really important and there are what I may call ways of diplomatic nagging.

What I feared is for Omar to get locked inside the room or me outside while he is inside sleeping or whatever situation that would keep me from reaching my son. The door handle was like a nightmare to me. This has been ongoing for the past three months or so. I traveled for one month and back, the door handle was still in the same unfixed situation, so I mentioned it again. After I came back, I stayed in Cairo for two weeks, and then I traveled once again for two weeks or more. I still came back to find the situation unchanged. Door handle was still not functioning properly and my fear was increasing but I still did not want to nag. I asked one more time and was told, it was fixed.

I tried it, but felt there was still something wrong, but was told it was alright. I was still not convinced, but did not want to make an issue out of it and kept my concern to myself.

Today, my housekeeper was cleaning my bedroom, and she complained that she was having trouble opening the door. Just a while earlier, the door handle was working, me thinking that it will be alright since I was told so. Omar was outside playing, I walked in, without my mobile (which was minutes earlier in my pocket) and no phone set hooked in the room.

I went in, closed the door to show the housekeeper how to open it the same way I was told. Big surprise. The door handle won't open the door! Less than a minute later, Omar was standing outside the bedroom door and for some reason felt we were unable to open or maybe he thought we do not want to open, so he started crying. I had been trying to find a way to open it, but when I heard my son crying I was on my way beginning to worry for him being all alone outside. I repeated Bism Illah (In the name of God) several times and prayed it would not come to that for my son's sake. The housekeeper said, "Omar can you open the door?" I told her it was too high for him, but just before I had gone into the room, I had placed Omar's small chair next to the bedroom door. I asked a couple of times to stop crying and not to be afraid. Then I asked him to get the chair and try to open the door.

Since the handle's insides were eaten away, the turning mechanism was not working at all from inside, but better from the outside. This still made it a bit hard. Omar stopped crying. I heard my little one dragging the chair and placing it next to the door. I could hear him climbing on top, and his little arms reaching out for his hands to hold the handle. He kept trying to open it and I was in turn trying to watch the inside metal piece to pull the door back slowly so he won't fall in.

After a couple of trials, it worked thank God. Omar threw himself between my arms. I greeted him with passion and a big smile, told him he was our hero! He had this little shy yet proud smile on his face. He felt he did something good and that was what I wanted to make him feel.

I was so happy having him in my arms again. The whole situation lasted for ten minutes, but I felt it was much longer knowing my two and eight months old baby was out there alone. Especially that at this age I cannot tell him not to cry because God is always and will always be there with him and he has nothing to fear. I do that at many occasions, just to bring out the awareness of God's presence and love within him. But at this young age, it will not solace him much. But still in call cases, God always helps in His own Kind way.

Thank you God for always being there all the time, I think even if Omar ended up alone, with prayers God would have protected him. But even that, I was not put through. Al hamd lillah my door handle test went well.

So many morals I got out of today's incident.

1) Some things have to be nagged through due to the lack of attention received and importance given, but only if it is something very important
2) We cannot always avoid bothering others by nagging especially if it is something of vital importance.
3) Sometimes it is alright to be viewed as a nagger rather than be put in a situation like the one I was in today
4) Children are so so incredibly valuable
5) Children's tears and fear must be avoided as much as possible. They get so vulnerable
6) A child's mind needs to be worked up since early infantile years (I personally used to have discussions with my son and still do, and they seem to work quite nicely and his responses are Masha'Allah quite good for his age –I think-).
7) Try to avoid panicking in a situation like mine or similar, or whatever!
8) Have a grip on your fear and try to think clearly
9) Calm the child down and don't ever let them sense your fear (applies to many situations)
10) Children who are taken away from their parents must be in so much misery (Ya rab 3afina)
11) Parents who are deprived of their kids, for what ever reason must be living in anguish.
12) Death (an extreme measure here) of a child must be devastating. I ask Allah to grant them patience and acceptance and I pray not to be put in that situation. However, If God wills and that (I pray to God forbid) be my situation one day, to be tolerant and accept my fate with patience or die immediately if death will have peace and comfort and most importantly that I be ready for death in terms of deeds.
13) I pray for each and every mother on this earth to see her kids grow up in front of her and be her pride and joy
14) I pray for each and every mother that has infact lost a child to be granted the strength to accept God's will and to be rewarded in the after life insha'Allah.

I hope this door handle gets replaced some time this year!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Shop Girl's questionnair/quiz

I was reading a post (test like) at shop girl's blog and at the very bottom she said she thinks I should take it too, so i decided to go through it and post it.

Don't know.. I tired at least!

Three names you go by:

Three screen names you have had:
*Omar (the most valuable – sorry hubby, but motherly instincts- after Allah of course)
*Palestine (I don't know if this can be a name but I reckon it as a very valuable one)
*Satan (the worst name ever!)

Three parts of your heritage:

Three things that you don't like:
*Intolerance/lack of patience
*Hypocrisy + lies

Sorry those summed up to five not three.. but could not help it!

Three of your everyday essentials:
*A strong mug of tea with a little bit of milk immediately after I wake up (teeth and face washed of course :-), followed by Nescafe with creamer (not milk!).
*Staying in touch with family and friends by phone, msn or whatever other way possible

Three things you are wearing right now:
*A dark blue hair band
*4 earings! (2 on each ear)
*My comfortable slippers
(and clothes of course!)

Two truths and a lie:
*Palestine will Be Free of Occupation (insha'Allah)
*Allah Wa7ed Maloush Tany (one with no partner) and Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih) is His last Prophet!
*I just love the American Government's International Policies, especially the latest "War on terrorism"! (Go figure!)

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you:
*Dressing up real neat and smelling excessively nice (even casual clothes)
*Nice clean Shoes
*Neat hair

(These are the physical, but there are also important characteristics that make a man really a man, but that question was not included)

Three things you just can’t do:
*Can't stop thinking
*Go fishing
*Walking away from certain situations and problems, rather face them and try to sort things out amicably. The last thing I would want to do is get someone upset from me.

Three of your favorite hobbies:
*Horse back riding (don't do much now though)
*Swimming and sun tanning (same as above, became more difficult after I wore Hijab, but I still get chances sometimes)
*Snooker (haven’t in a very long time)

All is on hold except when I get a chance, totally since I am dedicating almost all my time for Omar and hubby. Cannot imagine going out to have fun and leaving my son behind!)

Three things you want to do really badly right now:
*Ride a horse for a good while on the beach while there is a full moon till sunrise or during sunset and see a full moon later
*Having lots of time for myself without having to do anything (I am always doing something, almost all the time)
*Eating ice cream from Baskin Robins

Three places you want to go on vacation:
*Far East

Three things you want to do before you die:
*Umra or Hajj whichever facilitated, preferably Hajj
*Be able to get through to my son a proper understanding and love of God, His Prophet and all people.
*Leave some sort of an ongoing good deed that will boost me up in my book of Deeds, something Prophet Muhammed and God would be proud of.

Three ways I am stereotypically a woman:
*I get emotional when watching movies and with certain real live situations
*being pampered/spoilt especially emotionally (more important than anything else)
*I adore kids and little animals

Like shop girl, I also think the following should take this test:
Doshar, Rora, lucky Fatima, Irina, hadouta, Haal and Mohammed of Cairo with love should take this test.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Persistence on anger management

One of the worst weaknesses in human traits is the inability to control anger. Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih) warned people from loosing their temper in so many instances one of which he said:

ليس الشديد بالصرعة إنما الشديد الذي يملك نفسة عند الغضب
The strong man is not one who is good at wrestling, but the strong man is one who controls himself in a fit of rage. (Riad al sale7een)
Sub7an Allah...
Bism Illah Al Rahman Al Rahim:
"Wama yantiko 3an il hawa (3) in how ila wa7youn you7a (4) 3alamaho shadeed oul Qouwa(5) Surat Al Najm.
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
وما ينطق عن الهوى(3) إن هو إلا وحي يوحى(4) علمه شديد القوى
سورة النجم

Nor does he say (aught) of his desire, It is no less than inspiration sent down to him, He was taught by One mighty in Power.

The remaining verses of this Sura are all speaking of Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih) and what he said and did, clarifying to the people, non believers and believers that Prophet Muhammed does not speak off his own desires or wills (and honestly even if he did and those were his own teachings and desires, then he would still be worth following). Some people now a days do not believe any more in hadeeth, or simply try endlessly to find a reason not to abide to the teachings and sayings of Prophet Muhammed. When all he taught and inspired was directly coming from God Himself, and we are told that by god in the Holy Quraan.

Allah has created us and thereby knows of us more than we ourselves. Prophet Mohammed spoke of many things in compliment with the verses of the Holy Quraan. He covered every aspect of our lives (that is for those who reason). We are given the manual of leading our lives through the Quraan and Prophet Muhammed's practices which are summed up in the Hadeeth.

Prophet Muhammed (Allahoma Saly 3aleih) also informed us that there are two things in this life that if we hang on to and abide to, we will never go astray. The Holy Quraan and the Sunna (His practices).

I just had to make this long introduction, because I can easily relate almost every thing to religion, to the Quraan and Sunna. Truly this is a religion of ease and peace. Especially peace of mind and heart when people really open their hearts and free themselves of useless obstinate thoughts that will lead them no where but trouble. God has in fact warned us from getting too attached to worldly needs, and did in fact tell us that they are a test. It is not that we weren't told, we were and we were also told that those of us who manage to have control over their desires shall be greatly rewarded with what no eye has seen and no ear has heard and no senses can even come near to reckoning. If we get weak, then we should not go and try to find reason to say that there is something wrong with the Quraan or even the Sunna. It is so obvious that many people when unable to abide to the rule try to find excuses and what is even more amusing is they manage to come up with the silliest excuses and tend to actually have convictions that they are Reasonable, educated well read people. Well, I'd rather be called ignorant than accept these silly unacceptable and unreasonable excuses being set forth within the minds of certain people in the Moslem communities. What is more and more amusing is when u get into a discussion about certain issues and you use Quraanic verses and hadeeth to tell them that they are wrong, they start getting all defensive and think or make themselves believe that you are actually doubting their faith.. Ok this part is also funny. What faith? Honestly if they are given verses straight from the Quraan and Hadeeth (Sa7ee7) and yet still manage to keep going on in an endless and pointless argument, just to prove them selves right, then where is the Faith? Where has it gone in the midst of all this?

The rage and anger tend to take over, mixed up with a pinch of arrogance, which makes an entire discussion go way out of line. Admitting to faults or misconception will not degrade people, on the contrary will elevate them especially in the view of the Creator, let alone people.

When I was younger I found it very difficult to admit to mistakes, but as I grew up, I learned that admitting is the first step towards proceeding to a better character and especially in our mizan (our balance of deeds, book that is). It is not by any means a sign of weakness, but rather great strength and persistence to be a better person.

Satan also has a role, we are also told that we can perform wuduu/ablution (the washing up Moslems perform prior to prayers, which includes washing of the hands, gargling the mouth, nose, face, arms till the elbows, wiping the hair and ears and feet till the ankles). A scientific research actually proved that the water neutralizes something through the skin which calms a person down. I wish I remembered what that something was exactly (excuse my bad memory).

But think of it, going to perform wuduu means walking away from the current situation and taking time to vent off. Of course the walking away itself has to include pardon, don't just walk away on someone without saying something otherwise the whole situation will flare up.
Saying a3outho Billah min alshaytan alrajeem (God I seek refuge from Satan), or just simply asking the other person to continue the discussion later after things can be discussed in an amicable manner with reason and decency.
So many solutions can be rendered. But anger never grants gain, it only results in pure and sometimes irrevocable loss and damage.

When and if people train themselves to be calm and to exchange differences in opinion without being hurtful or obstinate in their beliefs, I think then we will have fewer problems in life.

The problem is, people give in to their anger easily, and quickly react without a moment to reflect on the situation they are in. They give in to the whispers of Satan and their inner weak self. What I do know is that people can if they wish control this anger, it comes by practice; at least give it their best shot. But not trying at all and saying this is the way we are and tough luck is pure and utter nonsense. It is in fact a sign of weakness.

I think one can be strengthened by admitting fault and asking for pardon regardless of what others will think. Also trying to re-open subjects to find solutions (with decency) or compromises is a very healthy thing for human relations and for oneself as well.

Last but not least of course, the greatest gain of all is the pleasure of God.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I am new here

I have just joined this blog site as a new member. I hope to write about things with Dalulla by my side, so we can be there for each other as well as for you. I just hope my writing would be up to the standards of Dalulla's ! see you soon.

Friday, August 12, 2005

A Post at Haal's Blog

"Islamic School" was the title of the post.. The comments kept going on and were getting longer. Haal mentioned to me before that she wants short comments. Respecting her will, I decided to carry the discussion here since i do not mind long comments.

Please visit or simply click on Haal under blogs i find ineresting on my side bar. Read the Post, and you'll figure out the rest.

Press comments to continue.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

A King Worthy of Respect

I was born in London, lived there for about a year and half, came back to Egypt, lived here till I was about three and a half, then moved with my parents to Saudi Arabia for almost 14 years.

I turned the television on, searching for mbc3 for Omar to watch Cartoons. All I could see was Al Arabeya and something like news of some sort. I was not concentrating much. But no cartoons, I tried mbc2, same as mbc3, tried One TV, same, then I realized a cliche saying that King Fahd had passed away. I found my heart aching and tears came instantly to my eyes. I was in a strange state of feelings. I almost cried like a baby, but held my tears and stood in front of the television as if it were one of my family members that had died.

I never realized I had this in me for the man. I felt a great loss. I felt the Islamic Umma truly lost. I felt I personally lost a dear someone. I was still in shock, it was not the issue of his death, but more about how I reacted to his death.. I kept saying Enna lillah wa ina ilayhi raje3oun, but I felt a bit weak, physically that is, I could not stay standing from the news I had received first thing in the morning. I sat down and watched, when his picture was shown, my tears came down again, and my body shivered in a strange way.

I wanted to write this the day I saw the news, which was the second day after he died (Allahoma Ighfir Laho war7amh), but I just couldn't. No words I can say will suffice for what I believe this king deserves of credit.

I have been having flash backs on and since that day. I went to Riyadh when it was still not such a big town. This city and others in the kingdom grew with me.

As my parents cared and nourished me, King Fahd was also caring for his country and nourishing it, only he was (masha'Allah) going at a much faster rate than my parents were. The kingdom truly grew so fast into one of the most beautiful and organized countries in the world. From desert to green, from void to sky scrapers, and extremely clean, and best of all, on basis of the Islamic Sharee3a.

This man has offered so much to his people, ex-patriots, and in turn to his country. Only he didn't stop at that, his generosity spread to so many different places and peoples.

I can never say enough about this man. I still am surprised at how I felt and still feel about him, I never knew I had all of this in me. I guess it is the good he planted in his country, I received it too. It got embedded within me without me really realizing it.

He was a respectable Moslem King. He was truly Khadem Al 7aramein, thereby khadem to all Moslems for the sake of Allah. That alone is worth so much more than any words may express in terms of credit or acknowledgment.

To me, King Fahd is a unique leader amongst the Arabs and Moslems, and also amongst all other leaders of this whole world. I myself feel grateful to him, since I lived in His country almost half of my life. That initial half built so much in me, taught me so much, although when we are young we do not appreciate things the way we do when we grow up and mature.

I wish I had the chance to write this while he was living, not that he was going to read it, but it is just a feeling I got. But Allah is watching, hearing and He is all knowing. I am sure this will reach to him somehow.

Allahoma Ighfir Le mawta Al Moslemeen, waghfir lel nas ajma3een, wahdy bano Adam Al Sirat Al Mustakeem... Ameen, Ameen, Ameen. (May God Forgive the dead of the Moslems, and forgive all people, and guide all Adam's descendants the straight path, Amen, Amen, Amen)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The world is big enough

This was one of the most beautiful pictures I ever ran across.
The baby is so beautiful (masha'Allah). The position in which the baby is, looks as if he/she is still in his/her mother's womb.
Also, the way the man is holding the baby portrays so much tenderness, protection and care.
It is beautiful and holds so many meanings in it.
One thing I see, is black and white can mingle with no barriers.
The world is big enough for everyone. No matter what color people are, they can and should be tender towards one another, they can and should protect one another, and they can and should care for one another.