Friday, August 25, 2006

For the Love of Islam

I would like to mention that I have been invited to join in with a group of Moslem sisters to form a blog about and for Islam. The name of the blog is "True Essence of Islam"

I guess most of us Moslems are tired of the misconceptions and false accusations about our religion. However I personally do not get too surprised or bothered because I as well as many Moslems who have dwelled the least bit into religion, knew this was coming. However as I mentioned in a post earlier knowing is something and witnessing it happening with the extremes we see and hear is something totally different.

We have been informed by Allah via his words in the Holy Quraan and via Prophet Muhammed (Allahomma Saly 3aleih) that certain events will take place, and they have and still more is to come. That is one thing that does make me always feel very confident following Islam. How can anyone know the future or the order of happenings the way they are except if it were the creator of the universe: Allah al wa7ed ul A7ad (Allah the one and only).

We Moslems do not need fortune tellers or speculators to tell us of expected events because many are outlined quite clearly. Yes, there are no details but clear outlines are given to guide us or else I guess going through this life would be meaningless.

We were told this and that will happen if we do not abide with the basics of Islam and this and that will happen if we do… But unfortunately many of the predicaments the Arabs and Moslems are going through are due to our own disobedience and deviance from the Holy Quraan and the Prophet’s teachings.
Maybe if the majority had stuck to them as we were told none of the troubles we are going through today would have taken place and we would have all been living a more peaceful and respectful life… Wallahu A3lam (God knows best).

Finally I wish and pray that the blog True Essence of Islam can add something or be a reason to clear the mist to those of you who are open minded enough to want to know the truth about Islam… About our beloved kind Islam.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fear none my young one

There there my child,
Fear not the sounds of the missiles
Fear not the sounds of the tanks
Fear not the sounds of terror
Fear not death
For if we die we shall flee fear
We shall flee bigotry and insanity
We shall be between the kind hands of Allah
We shall be in a lovely place away from here
Only when we die, we shall die honorably
We shall be examples for those we leave behind
We shall be the marks of history
Marks showing how cowardly the powerful can be
We shall die with no blood on our hands
We shall die clean and pure
They think they have power? No, they have none
They are a disgrace!
Be strong my young one, be brave
Hold on to me tight
Do not give in to fright
Allah is holding you with me
We have no guns to defend ourselves we have more though
We have our faith in Allah
He shall send us beautiful angels to carry us away
Away from bigotry and insanity
Fear none my young one, fear none.